PGBS is a reputed company providing world-class 3D product design services. We use the most appropriate textures, lighting, and modeling techniques in order to produce high-quality 3D product designs. Our 3D design studio is committed to delivering the highest standard of product renderings that can boost the reputation of brands and help them close more deals. We, at PGBS, provide exceptional 3D visuals that support the marketing needs of our clients. When you hire our services, we ensure quality, timely-delivery, and the best returns on your investments.

3D Furniture Rendering

3D Rendered Furniture Image

Categories of 3D product design services we offer

We develop life-like visualizations for diverse categories of products including:

  • Furniture Designs

    We are experts at offering 3D furniture design and can develop furniture renderings of sofas, beds, kitchen cabinets, bathroom accessories, cabinets, seats, desks, retail displays, etc.

  • Architecture Designs

    We can create 3D architecture designs of construction materials and industrial machinery, helping sales personnel, architects, construction staff, and project managers to have a clear understanding about a project.

  • Apparel & Jewelry

    We can create captivating visualizations of various eCommerce products including apparel and jewelry, thereby promoting a better customer response and faster sales. We can create 360-degree product views that can drive desired results. Our 3D jewelry visualizations can help you generate targeted revenues.

  • Fashion accessories

    We can create 3D designs of fashion accessories such as luggage, bags, watches, apparels, etc. while showcasing features in the best possible way through the use of the best colors, textures, and lighting, thereby supporting manufacturers with the creation of effective catalogs.

Why outsource 3D product design services to PGBS?

  • Detailing: We take all minute details into consideration while designing 3D product models. So, you would definitely get what you are looking for.
  • Consistency: We would guarantee that we would develop designs that would remain consistent with your brand’s character and philosophies. We would create designs that would look the same across diverse platforms and devices.
  • Experienced 3D Designers: We employ the industry’s most experienced and skilled 3D product visualizers who guarantee the creation of the most accurate product 3D models.
  • 24/7 Support: We remain live across diverse customer service channels to ensure that we are able to address the queries of our customers in the best possible way.
  • Data Security: We would keep all your files, documents, confidential information, trade secrets secure; we follow a strict data security policy and ensure that we perform data exchange over secure channels.
  • Advanced Infrastructure: We have deployed modern infrastructure and are perfectly positioned to address your requirements, however complex and large they may be.
  • Best Rates: We offer the most competitive 3d product design prices and so we help you to keep your 3D product rendering costs to a certain limit and stick to your budget.

PGBS is one of the best 3D design companies that maintains an ever-growing list of happy clients. We provide professional end-to-end 3D design support, from product 3d rendering concept visualization to working on projects related to product 3D renderings to performing revisions as per your inputs, we can take care of all important facets of your project, thereby helping you to capitalize on your marketing campaigns and investments to an optimal extent.