Before implementing any of the website improvement ideas, you should understand the fact that website designing is quite a challenging job, where you should have the skills of a designer, coder and a marketer. Your website mirrors the brand image of your company. Therefore, it is necessary to make it visually appealing to the visitors. It is a tricky way to tap the potential clients. Besides, the marketing angle, you should also consider the technical perspective while designing the website. It should be friendly with the search engines. Incorporate the desired features in your website that are likely to push up its rank. A website having more visibility is likely to invite more traffic and thus deliver more profit to your business.

A designer should have the right knowledge about the usage of stock photos free from royalty. When you design a webpage, you should have substantial knowledge about putting the menu bar together, customizing the background of the website and so on.

Tips to improve your web design

Website design tips

Thinking of improving your webpage design, you will come across hundreds of elements to work upon. You can use your website as the key marketing tool when you know the process. Read on to know some of the most effective tips to improve website design.

Get responsive websites

Responsive webpage are accessible from any device. Your customers may be using a desktop, a laptop or a smartphone. Therefore, your website should be compatible with all these devices. It can adopt to different devices, irrespective of their configuration and screen size. A statistic reveals that the ten leading websites in the world get around 31% of their traffic from mobile devices. Today, around 50% of the internet users access webpages through mobiles. Evidently, it is necessary to get responsive website design for your company, so that it can reach out to a greater number of people.

Simple designs work out well

Adopt a simplistic approach while designing your webpage. The minimalist ideas in designing are largely being adopted, due to the impression it creates in the minds of the audience. Companies around the world are incorporating flat and clean designs in their websites. Customers no longer like complex websites to bother their eyes. Fancy graphics reduce the speed of the webpage. Keep your design sleek and simple.

Using stock photos

You may get free stock photos from different online resources and use them in the designing process. It is a strategy to reduce the cost of designing. However, you need to be unique in your presentation at times. Generic and easily-available photos may not do in these cases. You may have to invest on these images to create a sense of individuality in your website.

Simple navigation

Simple navigation helps the visitors to locate what they are looking for in a website. Make sure that you keep the navigation easy, so that the customers can go to any other page from the home page in a few seconds. Complicated navigation systems confuse the customers. Do not include a number of options in your menu. Subdivide the menu into other options, so that they can assess the pages categorically.

The customers should be able to contact you easily

The contact information should be present on all the pages of your website. Include it in the submenu, so that the users can get across to you whenever they want. At times, the contact details are placed in such a place that people have to search for it for a long time. You may include it in the footer on each page, so that it is easily available to your visitors. Failure to make the contact information visible will result in loss, as the customers will not be able to contact you.

Remove feeds from social media

You need not include social media feeds in your website. They distract the customers and complicate the website. Social media drives traffic into your website, but the feeds have no active role in your site. Therefore, you should eliminate social media feeds from the webpage and keep it clean.

Clickable banners

The logo or banner you are using in the website should be clickable. You should link it to the homepage, so that the customers can easily find their way back there. Try to make the navigation process as simple as possible. Today, most of the websites come with this feature. The visitors find it easy to return to the homepage when you incorporate this strategy. The organic traffic gets a boost from the process and the people stay on your website for a longer time which is exactly what you too need.

Every page should be a landing page

In order to make your customers visit the pages apart from the home page of your website, every page in your website should be a landing page. This is important to point out as most of the people focus on the home page, while the other pages get ignored. When you turn every page of your website into a landing page, it increases the marketing potential of your site.

‘Above the fold’ information

One common problem with user engagement in websites is that the designers ignore the importance of ‘Above the fold’ information. Most of the time, the important information lies ‘below the fold’. Therefore, you need to make the important information visible to the customers as soon as they land on a particular page, so focus on ‘Above the fold’ information. Only the supplementary information should be placed in the ‘Below the fold’ area.

Carry out design reviews regularly

The trends of website design and development keep on changing according to the taste of the customers. You should get your website reviewed every six months. This will keep you informed about the likes and demands of your customers. It is not necessary to incorporate a redesign, but you need to make minor changes in the webpage design from time to time.

A powerful website sharpens your marketing policy, so make sure that it lives up to the expectations of your customers through adequate website maintenance services. The design of your website is a key indicator of its potentiality. Incorporating these features in your website will increase its customer retainment capacity and boost up your sales.

However, expert website design companies can be approached who can avail you remarkable websites with awesome designs and superior functionality.

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