Customer testimonials are always considered the most powerful aspect of your marketing efforts. It is social proof for every business to make a shoutout that they exist too and have been helping various other brands grow. So, are you collecting testimonials from your existing client base? We can help you with customer testimonial video editing services.

Customer testimonials boost the way business performs and contributes to the success of marketing and sales enablement. On the other hand, employee testimonials are all you need for better hiring and recruitment.

testimonial video editing services

Let us dive a little deeper into how we can help you establish as a brand name with testimonial- Video editing to make a difference in your business’s direction.

What types of testimonial videos do we edit?

Videos are of different types. Especially when it is testimonials, it can be employee testimonial videos, customer testimonial videos, and vendors testimonial videos. Depending on the need and specification, we can craft the customer story video post-production service requirements.

Some of the video types (But we are not limited to) are as follows:

  • Corporate videos

    Corporate videos are meant to collect corporate event updates to evaluate and get feedback. It can even refer to company profiles where testimonials are also significant.

  • Promotional advertising videos

    Social proof is a widely important concept for businesses to cater to clients. Testimonials are a great source of proof, and adding them to your promo videos gives your business an extra edge.

  • Employee testimonials

    When looking for a new hire, employee testimonials would help you. And good feedback on related portals will also be an added advantage. We help you edit and process a wonderful testimonial videos.

Our Testimonial Video Editing Techniques Include

As a testimonial editing service provider, we have served the global client base with the best quality video outputs for many years. We collect the raw testimonial videos from the clients and transform them into professional, classy ones through post-production services. Whether it is shot on the phone, in bad light or even noisy, we help you create stunning outputs from it.

Our video editing solutions have benefitted brands from various industries, catering to different requirements.

  • Video stabilization

    A raw video shot at any instant will have several unnecessary shaky parts in it. With our expert services, our testimonial video editors help you get rid of these unwanted shots and make them clean and watch worthy.

  • Color grading

    Color combinations in a video matter a lot. We can help you transform the colors the way you want, and the best way that goes well with the existing shot is with our color adjustment options.

  • Video cropping

    Cropping is an important aspect of video editing. It helps you remove the unwanted parts from the video and give it a meaningful storytelling format to become more impressive.

  • Video trimming

    It is the process by which our editors remove the starting and ending clips the way, you want with the required animations. It gives a better idea of the brand and a continuity in watching the video.

  • Lighting effects

    Videos shot on different gadgets may be subject to different lighting effects. With us, you need not worry about it. We can help you correct the lighting effects and make it uniform to look professional.

  • Special effects

    Adding texts and animated titles give an impressive look to the video. We help you get the best out of our video editing services.

What makes us unique among other testimonial video production companies?

We make it easy for customers to work with us. Some of the unique value propositions that you can discover in us include

  • Global client base from different industry niches
  • Expert and skilled in-house video editors to assist you throughout the project
  • Project delivery within the deadline
  • Reliable customer support
  • Stringent data security measures
  • Affordable video editing pricing
  • During the course of the project, there will be a single point of contact (poc) assigned to you for easy communication

Hear from our Client

We wanted to grow our brand with some trustworthy marketing campaigns. And then we discovered the significance of testimonials, and we were already on it. That’s when we realized how to convert the raw forms into the most professional outputs. And we found the ProGlobalBusinessSolutions team: what a charismatic transformation! They keep working even if you forget it – that’s the kind of ethics they follow. Taking ownership and responsibility for the projects they take on. We have associated for a comparatively long-term as we found them helpful for our business.

Thanks to the team!

Mitchell Sams , VP Marketing, Media Company, Minnesota, USA

Outsource testimonial video editing services to ProGlobalBusinessSolutions

With testimonials playing a vital role in your business’s success, you must harness their power to boost your marketing campaigns. With hands-on experience with the latest tools and technologies, our squad of experts will deliver the best outputs for you within the mutually agreed timeline. We involve our clients in every project phase to ensure the deliverables match their expectations.

If you are looking for a reliable video editing outsourcing partner to boost your marketing and advertising promotions, your search ends right here!

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