Wedding is a special event in everyone’s life. Among many other essentials, pictured captured during the event is also of great importance. Lot of pictures from various tight angles make the big day a special one for all those participating in the grand function.

Here are few wedding photo ideas which will surely help you to bring out the professional snap editor inside you.

wedding photo editing tips

Let your landscape shower hues

If you think pretty seaside locations are romantic, well think again. They just won’t do justice to the natural setting which is ever more splendid. Instead of finding better locations it is possible to alter the same seaside if you are an expert photo editor.

A dreamy glow by setting Orton Style effect at quarter strength and a Beautify feature which is available in the edit menu is all that is required.

Orton Style effect

Focus and blur the best pair to be edited

It is easy to compare the results and due to this reason focus and blur requires special mention in a shutterbug’s quiver of instruments. A particular element can also be focused. The Funky Focus tool which lies right below the Edit menu is useful in specific situations.

Do note that hardness needs to be adjusted to 50 percent and blur at cent percent strength; you may try many other things as well.

focus and blur option

Simple modifications for better results

Bokeh 4 texture is a simple but powerful application which allows warmth to touches. All the colors look a bit more exposed to the heat when this texture is applied with lens flare. Please note that the saturation level and contrast really doesn’t need any further editing.

bokeh 4 texture

Layering and magical touches

Once again beautify tool can be useful to create superb mood to specific images. Adding warmth to an image also buffs up the amount of green present in it. Color Mixer is a cool addition to the palette in the newer version.

Vintage color application is also helpful when enchanted touches are required.

use of beautify tool

Eliminate hues as and when required

Professional photography editing service providers offer extensive help for couples to store captured images as memories. Tin Type 3 for example coverts color images into their black and white counterparts.

Scratches 3 is a unique texture which adds to the ambiance of the image’s vintage looks.

eliminate hues

Exposing details

Exposing the details of an image is often helpful when certain color tones are considered. Beautify tool when used at a 50 percent strength is incomparable when coupled with Smoothing tool at 25.4.

Warmer tones look cooler and are more appreciated than dark ones.

exposing the details

Tint filter application

Tint filters are helpful but please note that Beautify function requires only 20 percent strength when applied to lighter images. Dark pink or purple filters are one of the best options.

Capturing mesmerizing clicks and converting them to the desired mood by making use of wedding photography editing services is not a hard task.

tint filter application

Saturation effects

While many amateur editors mistake the Beautify gizmo, it is one of the widely used saturation tools available with most of the image editing service providers. Color enhancement is a slick feature of this tool which accomplishes the result without creating a fake look.

saturation effects

Bokeh additions

Bokeh 2, when applied at about half the strength, is a robust submission. The effects obtained as a result of this transformation is splendid.

This applies for pictures which express solitary environment.

bokeh additions

Foreground and Background modifications

Blur paint implementation can be an added advantage and goes perfectly with soften tool. Depth of field is an added parameter which makes certain wedding snapshots look gorgeous.

foreground and background modifications

Photo editing services encourage amateur artists to bring out their creativity. They can try new things and this is a great boon.

Wedding photo effects are not dull enough to be avoided, especially if you want to do something more outstanding and innovative with the technique like image manipulation.