As technology has melted away geographical boundaries, businesses now have no restrictions and can target any market place. Europe is one of the most dynamic market with immense potential for any business. And if you want to make your presence felt in Europe, providing customer service in German language is something that you must unfailingly do.

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Importance of German language support in Europe

Let us see why multilingual call center companies should consider inclusion of this language in their customer service provisions.

  • It is estimated that 140 million people all around the globe and across Europe know the language.
  • It serves as an official language for 6 sovereign states that have a total population exceeding 100 million
  • In fact 13.3% of Europeans speak this language, i.e. it is the most widely used language in European Union.
  • In Europe, it is the 2nd most widely spoken language after Russian. It even exceeds the percentage of people speaking French and English.
  • In fact among the four national languages of Switzerland- French, Romansch, German, Italian, and it is spoken by around 65% of the total population.

If you are approached by a customer for call center services and he is focusing exclusively on German market, focussing on their native language alone may serve the purpose because of the simple reason that majority of people are comfortable with it only.

If you think that English is something the whole Europe easily comprehends, it’s a misconception. People in Germany mostly shun away from using English or any other language.

Studies made by reputed service providers have revealed the fact that people here even have a tendency to buy only from those websites that have content written in their native language and provide required customer service and support in the same.

Final thoughts

So, in a nutshell it is important for companies offering multilingual call center support to have resources capable of handling German language with perfection.