We, at PGBS, are inviting applications for the position of 3D Modeler, who have the experience and the expertise to efficiently generate photorealistic 3D products. The ideal candidate should have the prowess to work independently with minimum supervision as well as in collaboration with other 3D artists to meet project objectives and deliver superior game assets and other types of 3D outcomes.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Ensuring appropriate use of color, shape, and shading in 3D models while adhering to the predefined standard of quality
  • Creating scene assets through a synergistic combination of models and textures
  • Using state-of-the-art 3D software tools to their optimal capacities and adopting all possible measures to address constraints
  • Demonstrating high level of expertise in creating high-resolution 3D sculpts and low polygon game assets
  • Teaming up with production artists to perform prototyping to create finer versions of game assets
  • Creating exceptional combinations of innovative materials and manually-painted textures
  • Ensuring that scenes retain their original look and function and taking appropriate steps to solve issues
  • Analyzing and understanding visual-themes and driving project to its next level

Skills and abilities:

  • High level of expertise in the use of traditional modeling techniques 
  • Proficiency in performing hard-surface polygonal modeling
  • Ability to conduct an in-depth analysis of shape, form, structure, and silhouette
  • Ability to adopt a detail-oriented approach while creating texture maps to ensure appropriate use of color, light, and shade
  • Extraordinary communication skills with a strong value for teamwork
  • Enthusiastic to work in diverse team settings
  • Exceptional expertise in prototyping
  • High level of creativity and artistic proficiency to envision 3D worlds while focusing on minute details
  • A self-driven work ideology to meet project goals

Experience Required: 02-04 years

Job Location: USA/ India


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