Ever since the introduction of 3D modeling, we have seen improvements in the way we present information and visualize the projects. Nowadays, it is considered as a valuable tool for many businesses as it is cost-effective and produces a realistic representation of the required object. Apart from this, modifying a 3D model is also economical. It is easy to make changes on the spot, which will help in determining the effectiveness and feasibility of the project. Thus, overall, it can assist companies in marketing their projects and win faster approval from their clients.

However, the concept of 3D modeling is a bit complex and requires technical expertise. So, if you are new to this field, and need help with designing, then you can find a lot of websites online that allow free downloading of models. These sites usually have a huge collection of designs that can be incorporated either with little or no modification at all.

Websites That Offer 3D Models For Free

There are many 3D model websites that allows you to choose a wide range of designs suiting your needs. Some of the most popular ones are discussed below.

  1. GrabCAD
    • A large community library featuring more than 2.8 million CAD and 3D models.
    • Includes engineers, students, and designers.
    • Supports different formats like .stp, .sat, .x_t, .igs, .stl, .jt, .wrl, etc.
  2. Clara.io
    • Allows access to more than 100k 3D modeling designs.
    • Spported file types include STL, ThreeJS Object, ThreeJS Scene, js, Wavefront OBJ/MTL, Autodesk FBX, etc.
  3. CGTrader
    • More than 2million three-dimensional designs are present in the site.
    • Available in .c4d, .max, .obj, .fbx, .stl, .dae, and other popular formats.
  4. 3dsky.org
    • More than 81k 3D models are free.
    • Designs for decoration, kitchen, etc. are available in various textures and materials.
    • Compatible file formats include FBX, OBJ, etc.
  5. Thingiverse
    • 50000+ designs are available.
    • Also called ‘a universe of things’.
    • Designs are available in OBJ and STL file formats.
  6. Autodesk Online Gallery
    • More than 44k prototypes are available in different formats like STL, OBJ, STEP, PNG, JPG, GIF, etc.
    • Authorized Autodesk platform to upload the customized three-dimensional models.
  7. Cults
    • More than 19k three-dimensional models are present in the library.
    • Easy to search library as prototypes are organized in various categories
    • Designs are available in .obj and .stl formats.
  8. Free 3D Models
    • Consists more than 19k
    • Available in GSM and 3DS formats.
    • Easily searchable prototypes.
  9. TurboSquid
    • More than 18k searchable prototypes.
    • Designs in present in c4d, 3ds, fbx, obj, and other popular formats.
  10. ArchibasePlanet.com
    • 9k+ architectural models’ collection.
    • Designs are available in .dxf, .dwg, .max, etc.
    • Various categories such as bed, sofa, chair etc. Available.
  11. Archive 3D
    • 7000+ three-dimensional designs downloadable in .gsm, .obj, and .max formats.
    • Various categories such as furnishing, appliances, equipment, are also available.
  12. CadNav.com
    • Library contains more than 15k three-dimensional models.
    • Offered in .c4d, .ztl, .ibj, and other popular formats.
  13. 3Dmili
    • 4000+ 3D designs and models in popular file formats like .obj, .3ds, .max, and more.
    • Available in various categories like texture, furniture, interior design,
  14. Adobe Stock
    • Has a prominent place among the top 3D modeling websites.
    • Carries more than 3.5k royalty free, high resolution three-dimensional models.
    • Supported file types include OBJ, FBX, STL, SKP, DN, GLB, etc.
    • Free models are constantly uploaded by the community members.
  15. 3DExport
    • More than 3k dimensional models in .c4d, .max, .obj, .stl, .ibj, and other popular formats.
    • Compatible with various modeling software for 3D printing.
  16. 3D Warehouse
    • Many downloadable models are available in different categories like design and architecture.
    • Supported file formats are .stl, .dae, .skp, .kmz, and more.
  17. Sweet Home 3D
    • 1000+ three-dimensional models present in .obj, .dae, .3ds, and more formats.
    • Models related to desks, sofas, tables, chairs, and other home accessories.
  18. 3D CAD Browser
    • Designs are compatible with Maya, 3DS Max, Blender, and other formats.
    • Searchable prototypes are present in various categories.
  19. All3Dfree.net
    • Has three-dimensional models in popular formats such as C4D, SKP, OBJ,
    • Can find textures in 2D and 3D, CAD blocks,
  20. CAD Blocks Free
    • You can find 3D CAD models compatibles with AutoCAD, SketchUp, SolidWorks,
    • Available in different extensions like .max, .dwg, .skp, .rfa, etc.
  21. Design Connected 
    • 100s of three-dimensional models for designing furniture elements like lamps, candles,
    • Avail for free download in various formats like .3ds, .obj, .max, .c4d, and more.
  22. Car Body Design
    • 300+ luxurious and concept models of cars.
    • Supported extensions are .fbx, .max, .obj, .skp, .dwg, .stl, etc.
  23. Evermotion
    • 100s of searchable models in sections like scripts, blueprints,
    • Available in .fbx, .png, .blend, .ibl, .lwo, .skp, and more file formats.
  24. SketchUp TEXTURE
    • 100+designs of houses, chairs, office furniture, kitchen items, tables, living rooms,
    • Available file formats in the site are .dwg, .dxf, .png, .psd, .stl, .dae, .obj, .fbx, .ifc, and more.
  25. DMI Car 3D Models
    • Can search through three-dimensional prototypes of buses, racing cars, trucks and other vehicles.
    • Various file extensions include .fbx, .obj, .max, etc.
  26. Free 3D Base
    • 100+ three-dimensional models of chairs, tables, sofas,
    • Available in various popular formats such as .dxf, .obj, .3ds, etc.
  27. Craftsmanspace
    • 100+ designs of jewelry, human anatomy, furniture, and more.
    • Supports popular 3D file formats like STEP, IGES, STL, OBJ, etc.
  28. Blogscopia
    • More than 100 designs of ACs, sneakers, letter boxes, bathroom components,
    • Supports various extensions, i.e., .obj, .blend, .fbx, and more.
  29. Viz-People
    • 100+ models of kitchen components, furniture, electronics,
    • Compatible with 3Ds Max, Advanced Renderer, Vray, Cinema 4D Vray, and Corona formats.
  30. Hum3D
    • An artist community which uploads free three-dimensional models for robots, cartoons, guns,
    • Prototypes are available in .max, .obj, .c4d, .ma, .lwo, .fbx, .dxf, .stl, .skp, etc.
  31. VWArtclub
    • 50+ designs of candles, mirrors, bulbs, lamps,
    • Models are available in different file types like Vray, OBJ, 3DS, and FBX.
  32. 3D ContentCentral
    • Thousands of top-quality designs for chips, ports, and other electronic items.
    • Supports various popular three-dimensional formats such as .sat, .igs, .step, .x_t, .x_b, .swp, .prt, etc.
  33.  model+model
    • You will find prototypes of phones and tablets in 3ds, obj, fbx, and other extensions.
    • 50+ prototypes of fruits, vases, plants, and other items of everyday use
    • Only few designs are free
    • Supported file extensions include 3Ds MAX, FBX, OBJ, MODO, Artlantis, Sketchup, LightWave, and Cinema 4D.
  35. Artec 3D Model Scanners
    • Offers industrial and anatomical design models in high resolution.
    • Compatible with popular 3D formats like wrl, stl, ply and obj.
  36. Unity Asset Store
    • Has a collection of different model categories like monsters, zombies, sci-fi items, game characters, and more.
    • Supports importing and exporting of files in different extensions like .fbx, .obj, .max, .blend, .skp, .dxf, .dae, etc.
  37. 3Delicious
    • Can download free 3D printable models of house items, furniture, and more.
    • Available in common file formats like .gsm, .max, .c4d, .blend, .obj, etc.
  38. 3DModelFree.com
    • The 3D model library is small but well-arranged in various categories.
    • Different formats supported here are .stl, .obj, .3ds, .max, and more.
  39. Oyonale
    • Can search prototypes of furniture, guns, glasses, angel wings, towers etc. with keywords.
    • Designs are available in .c4d, .obj, and .pov file extensions.
  40. Renderpeople
    • Can find a variety of three-dimensional models for people.
    • Compatible with common formats like 3DS Max, SketchUp, Cinema4D,
  41. FreeCAD
    • A collection of free 3D CAD models with advanced motion simulation features.
    • Supports SVG, IFC, STEP, DXF, IGES, SCAD, IV, and DAE file formats.
  42. ArchibasePlanet
    • Availability of quality three-dimensional models, 2D shapes, and GDL objects.
    • Designs are present in popular file extensions like .dxf, .gsm, .max, and .dwg.
  43. WireCase
    • A community offering high-quality three-dimensional models
    • Supports various file extensions like .max, .blend, .lwo, .fbx, .dxf, .obj, etc.
  44. 3db3
    • 5000+three-dimensional designs for textures and furniture
    • Different formats include .3ds, .dxf, .max etc.
  45. 3DM3.com
    • 300+ free three-dimensional models of high quality.
    • Files are available in .3ds, .max formats.
  46. Renderosity
    • Many free three-dimensional models in different formats like UnityPackage, .obj, .lwo, .fbx, .dae, .png, etc.
    • In Free Stuff section, low quality designs are available.
  47. Artist-3D
    • Aesthetically pleasing three-dimensional models are available free of cost.
    • Different supported file formats include .obj, .max, .3ds, etc.
  48. ShareCG
    • Free three-dimensional models of different categories and genres in different file types like DXF,FBX, STL, OBJ, MAX,
    • Designs can be sorted by date, total views, and rating

Thus, the above-mentioned websites might really be handy and save you from extra expenditure to design your models. It will even help to improve your knowledge regarding the products you are about to sell. It is highly essential for any business as customers usually respond to those who are passionate about their products and service. Hence, make the best use of these sites to get effective results as per your needs.

If you need custom 3d modeling services support get in touch with us.

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