In digital rendering, textures play a vital role in the creation and designing of 3D models to resemble their real-life counterparts. It helps to add specific attributes to the modeled object to make it realistic. The 3D texturing technique is basically used to showcase the material from which the actual object is made. Besides, it enables you to make modifications in the lighting effects and detailing to enhance the model’s appeal.

You can use various 3d texture software to create customized textures for your project. However, if you don’t have access to a high-resolution camera or need too many files with a short time, then you can look online for good resources that offer free downloading of 3D textures.

Top Sites for Downloading Free 3D Textures

Here’s a collection of the top sites that provides good quality files for free. However, these sites also offer paid files with affordable pricing and licensing conditions. Thus, get started with downloading the free textures for 3D models to use it in your personal or commercial projects.

  1. (Earlier known as
    • Large database of superlative quality files sorted in categories.
    • Free registration needed for downloading.
    • Registering will entitle you to 15 credits each day.
    • Offers 1,30,000+ downloadable images.
    • 1K resolution textures with maps are free of charge and 32K resolution is paid.
  2. Texture Vault
    • Large collection of 8000+ good quality files grouped in 25+ groups.
    • Allows free downloading of various files.
    • Might cost a little if it is of high-resolution.
    • Can be also used for purchasing and selling.
    • Has more than 500 files grouped in 25+ groups.
    • Allows free downloading of files.
    • Usually contains one link to download everything from a single location.
  4. Texturer
    • Interface is easy to navigate.
    • Divided into categories and sub-categories.
    • Has a good collection of high-resolution files.
    • You may also download panoramas and references.
    • Dedicated to 3D designers, artists, animators, or web designers.
  5. Texturepop
    • Has plenty of best quality files available for free.
    • Organized in various categories for ease of searching.
  6. Texturez
    • Huge database of high-resolution and quality files.
    • Each thumbnail carries info about its size and date of addition.
    • Low-resolution preview of texture is also available.
  7. 1000Skies
    • Large collection of free images and textures related to the sky.
    • 360o sky images ideal for creating cubemaps and skydomes.
    • Allows downloading of partial or full 360o images.
    • Can also find panorama HDRIs or smaller versions.
    • Huge collection of free downloadable professional files.
    • Can be used in real-time visualization, architectural renderings, virtual environments, video games, and more.
  9. Lugher Texture
    • Huge collection of detailed and refined files.
    • Can be directly used in projects without further modifications.
  10. 2Textured
    • A large database of 2700+ 3D textures.
    • Easily navigable website containing different categories.
  11. Amazing Textures
    • Offers a lot of files for free downloading.
    • Different categories include buildings, clothes, food, nature, books, interiors, etc.
    • Free registration is required to access the full library.
  12. Arroway Textures
    • Website offering professional and high-quality 3D files.
    • Offers individual and bundled files.
    • Normal maps, specular, material settings, and bumps are also available.
    • Must use it for non-commercial purposes.
  13. Free 3ds Textures
    • Consists of a large 3D texture collection.
    • Completely safe and easy to browse.
    • Also accepts other contents like images, videos, screenshots, art, etc.
  14. Texture Library
    • Layout is minimalistic and arranged in various categories on the home page.
    • Files are well organized in folders.
    • Different categories include metal, fabric, nature, wood, etc.
  15. Royalty Free Textures
    • High-quality 3D files are available free of cost.
    • Has a wide range of categories to choose from.
  16. Bittbox
    • Offers quality resources, freebies, and news related to 3D textures.
    • Also contains a search bar for browsing free tutorials, write-ups, and graphics.
  17. Texture Works
    • Large collection of files, as well as time-lapse sky images, are available.
    • Offers both free and paid files in the library.
  18. Highend3D
    • Contains a large collection of 3D textures and materials.
    • Both free and paid files are available here.
    • Community consists of nearly 600,000 3D artists.
  19. Tony Textures
    • 4000+ free files are available for use.
    • Mostly compatible with archviz. projects
    • Also offers tutorials and graphic collections for shopping.
  20. Spiral Graphics
    • Consists of individual files for easy browsing.
    • Availability of link to download all files at once.
    • Also assures quick loading time.
  21. Abduzeedo
    • Good quality and detailed files are available free of cost.
    • New collections are available every Tuesday.
  22. Lost and Taken
    • Many free files are available for commercial and personal purposes.
    • 30+ categories for browsing.
    • 400+ high-quality texture images.
    • Entire collection on sale for $29.
  23. Image After
    • Has a complete collection of free files.
    • Easy to use the search bar and filter options to get the desired result.
  24. FreeStockTexture
    • 600+ free multipurpose textures for various uses.
    • Various categories like abstract, stone, concrete, metal, and more.
  25. Texture King
    • More than 300 files are present here.
    • Every file is available free of cost.
    • Consists of various genres and categories.
  26. 3D Texture
    • 800+ good quality files.
    • New and most popular images categorized separately.
    • Allows users to browse through different categories.
  27. Free PBR
    • 2K+ high-resolution files are available for free.
    • Great resource for Indie gamers and 3D designers.
    • 3D model packs are available for purchasing.
  28. Texture Warehouse
    • UI is easy to navigate.
    • More than 750 good quality files.
  29. Architecture Inspirations
    • 1K high-resolution files are available free of cost.
    • 4K ready-to-use V-Ray materials with help available on payment.
    • The designer Mihn Tran uploads tutorials of V-Ray and SketchUp for 3D workflow management.
  30. 3Dup
    • Community has a gallery of textures with computer-generated graphics.
    • Can create an account to access the files.
    • Also allows users to upload their creations.
  31. 3D Textures
    • 1K resolution files are available for free.
    • 4K resolution materials and low poly 3D models are available on payment.
  32. Poliigon
    • Maintained by Andrew Price, the 3D artist.
    • Can access fifty 6K resolution files with normal, diffuse, occlusion, reflection and bump maps for free.
    • 3000+ high-resolution files are available for premium users.
  33. Texture Haven
    • Created by Netherlands’ 3d artist and has a small collection.
    • Can be of high resolution (up to 8K).
    • Can access HDRI Heaven, another related site, from the navigation bar.
  34. The Well Equipped Thief
    • Has easy browsing features.
    • Consists of various files in different groupings.
    • Available for free as well as paid.
  35. All3Dfree
    • Large resources with the majority of low resolution.
    • Only albedo and diffuse maps are provided.
    • You need to create your unique normal and supportive maps.
    • Free 3D models along with cut-outs of people available.
  36. 3DXO
    • Based in Germany.
    • Files are free but with low resolution.
    • Can be used for commercial purposes.
  37. Texturebits
    • A simple and neat website.
    • Consists of 300+ quality files.
    • Can be used for personal and commercial purposes.
  38. Archive Textures
    • Maximum 8K free files in different resolutions.
    • Only albedo maps are provided.
    • Doesn’t support sorting by image resolutions.
  39. Turbosquid
    • Founded in the year 2000.
    • Offers both free and premium versions.
    • Sorted by price, resolution, quality, and author name.
    • Available with specular, normal, bump and other maps.
    • Consists a wide range of free files.
    • Offers a variety of options to choose from.
    • Many are also available at an affordable price.
  41. 3dtotal
    • 16000+ textures and reference images.
    • Specifically designed for 3D artists.
    • Allows downloading with an average resolution of 4K.
    • Each image is royalty-free and available for commercial use.
  42. Desso
    • Offers files for interior architectural renderings and visualizations.
    • The majority of the collection represents carpeting.
    • Low resolution of 700x700px can be downloaded free of cost.
    • Single tile texture is also available whose resolution can be increased in Photoshop.
  43. Autodesk’s The Area
    • Contains around 540 textures for free.
    • Available for different software like 3ds Max, Maya, Mudbox, etc.
    • Registration is mandatory for accessing the files.
  44. Sketchup Textures
    • Free 3D textures for different packages including SketchUp.
    • Free account entitles downloading of 1K resolution albedo maps.
    • Premium membership allows downloading of high-resolution files.
    • Can be used in a commercial project
    • All maps needed for building full material also available for premium members
  45. 3D CGIndia
    • Contains a variety of texture maps.
    • Only available free for personal use.
    • Downloadable in .RAR format.
    • News related to CG or VFX is also available.
  46. CGTrader
    • A popular website to sell and buy 3D assets.
    • Low-resolution images are available for free.
    • High-quality files can be purchased.
    • Can search based on ratings and price.
  47. Media Militia
    • Contains a few but quality texture packs.
    • Images are also available for download.
    • Free to use for personal and commercial purposes.
  48. Sharetextures
    • Free to use for personal and commercial purposes.
    • Contains textures of diverse categories
    • Patrons will get more benefits compared to free users.

The above websites will surely help a great deal in creating the best texture for your rendering project. With thorough browsing, you will be able to find the desired 3D file that meets your specific project needs. However, if you don’t want to use it directly, then you can try using it as an inspiration for crafting a design of your own.

If you still need any assistance get in touch with us and get a customized 3d texturing service pricing options.

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