PGBS prides itself for being the foremost among mainstream 3D designing companies in India offering heterogeneous and compelling 3D renderings for an entire array of your products. We have been catering to advertisement firms, graphic designing agencies, and other organizations for adding a competitive edge to their services with spectacular 3D models.  Our expertise lies in meeting the demands of various industry verticals right from food packaging to complex auto industry. As a professional Indian company offering impeccable 3d product rendering services, we have housed experienced and extensively trained professionals who can manipulate lighting and 3D materials critically and meticulously for delivering outstanding results.

PGBS: Helping your business grow rapidly with compelling 3d product renderings

Quality control during the manufacturing process would ensure the highest quality of finished products. However, all efforts would go in vain if the products fail to capture the projected market share. Exceptional sales can be pulled off by promoting the products strongly through promotional media like your website, catalogs, brochures, and other platforms. The digital form of the products does not suffer from shortcomings experienced by physical versions. With immaculate 3D rendering, we help you address the flaws and discrepancies that may be apparent in physical products. We accomplish perfectness in the virtual form of product with detailed 3D modeling and rendering that can be appreciated by prospective customers from different angles and various perspectives when posted on your site or other online platforms. The appeal of the product is greatly enhanced by the intelligent use of lighting and material skins that render it alluring.

We offer 3D product designs for

  • Furnitures
  • Mechanial Products
  • Electronic Products
  • Packaging Products
  • Cosmetic Products
  • Sports Products
  • Fashion Products
  • Apparels
  • Healthcare Products and more.

Advantages of availing our 3d product rendering services

You can harvest innumerable benefits by relying on our digital capabilities. 3D rendering of your products would help you corner the market in the more emphatic manner by gaining a competitive edge over your adversaries.

PGBS has been active in this industry for about a decade now and we enjoy access to all contemporary and advanced 3d product visualization solutions. We can convincingly address the entire 3D modeling and rendering needs of your products irrespective of your industry vertical.

We are enlisting below the key advantages that you can avail with our professional alliance.

  • All apparent flaws, defects, shortcomings, discrepancies, and anomalies in the product would be covered in the 3D rendered version
  • Physical product would not be needed for creating a 3D version. This prevents any accidental damage to your expensive and sensitive products during the photoshoot.
  • Your product can be showcased in all possible color combinations in which you wish to make the same available. Lighting angle and colored skins are optimally used to produce attractive 3D models.
  • The product’s feel and appearance can be subtly changed by us during 3D rendering; the same is not possible with static photo-shoots where the exact picture captured by the lens is only shown.
  • Physical infrastructure for shooting product photos is not required; this implies that we can resume 3D rendering of the project any time after the project has been halted.

Our Strategic Advantages

  • Access to contemporary, high-end, extensively featured, cutting edge 3D software for spectacular 3d designs.
  • Availability of infrastructural support and resource base needed to carry out projects of all scales within committed deadlines
  • Our team remains abreast of the latest technologies in this segment and professionals are subjected to extensive training on contemporary tools
  • Seasoned subject matter experts and exhaustive repository of models helps us reduce the project turnaround time effectively
  • Cost competitive and customizable pricing options ensure that you can get the desired service for your budget without any compromise on quality
  • An array of model options is presented for selection to clients to ensure that their interests are optimally served
  • Adherence to international quality standards with the availability of a stringent quality assurance mechanism in place
  • Each project is assiduously analyzed and prototypes are shared with clients for approval to achieve photorealistic product rendering outcomes and surgical precision
  • Each professional on our rolls have extensive experience of working on diverse 3D rendering related projects; the experience counts in creating amazing models within a shorter time period
  • Leveraging of state of the art technological advances in 3D domain help us deliver quality results without any fault
  • Each project is completed within the committed time to help clients retain their competitive advantage in the market
  • 24X7 customer support is available for troubleshooting and resolving problems, if any, experienced by clients
  • Our 3d product modeling firm caters to the exact time zones in which our client feels it convenient to connect with us.
  • Classified and sensitive information of the client is safeguarded through all possible means; we enter into a non-disclosure agreement with you to adhere to the data privacy and protection laws.
  • All files entrusted to us by clients are backed up in our system for ease of retrieval in the event of loss of data; the same is destroyed after completion of the project
  • Access to client’s information is restricted to authorized personnel only whose identities are authenticated through proven control mechanisms

Our product rendering workflow

  • We receive the CAD files from clients containing the plans, sketches, visualizations, and contextual images accompanied by the project requirement description
  • Work on the project is commenced and after completion of each stage, the draft is sent to the client for approval and feedbacks
  • Revisions, as suggested by the client, are incorporated in the draft accordingly
  • The final rendered 3d products are made available to the client in highest resolution for publication in different platforms

We can successfully cater to all industry verticals including automobile, product manufacturing, modular furniture, high precision machinery, plumbing products, healthcare equipment production etc. No matter how much complex your requirement is or how tight the deadline is, we can surely be of help to you.

PGBS has been rendering its diverse 3d services for almost a decade now. We have established ourselves in the frontline of mainstream 3D rendering companies due to our dedication, skill, client consciousness, quality, adoption of latest technological advancements and market awareness. 

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