Proglobalbusinesssolutions (PGBS) provides world-class 3D product modeling services to its clients. With solid experience in 3D product designing, we assist both domestic and international clientele. We are one of the acclaimed 3D product modeling companies in India. And, the credit mainly goes to our team of professional 3D artists and product modelers who deliver high-quality and photorealistic 3D models to eCommerce businesses and other ventures for diverse online marketing purposes. At PGBS, we would help you create your product virtually using the latest 3D software.

Types of 3D Product Modeling Services We Provide

furniture 3d product model

Furniture 3D Models

Our furniture 3D modeling services help furniture designers and manufacturers with quality 3D models. It may include items like sofa, beds, tables, chairs, ottoman, etc. for commercial, healthcare, recreation, and retail sectors.

3d product packaging model

Packaging 3D Models

Our 3D model designers use state-of-the-art 3D packaging software to create packaging designs or 3D brand packaging models for diverse product categories. We create custom cartoon designs as well as wrap packaging or skin packaging that can be given real forms.

automotive 3d product modeling

Mechanical 3D Models

We are among the top providers of mechanical 3D modeling services. We can craft modern models of automobiles, keeping our clients’ inputs in mind. We use latest software to deliver supreme models of automobile products and components.

3d jewelry design

Jewelry 3D Models

Our designers can craft models of jewelry items such as rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, etc. If you are looking to introduce a new brand of jewelry or revamp your collection, let us give a practical form to your ideas.

watch 3d model

Fashion Accessories 3D Models

We can develop accurate and aesthetically-appealing models of watches with the product specifications. We focus on detailing as we take immense care to develop tailor-made designs.

3d game assets

Game Assets 3D Models

We are champions at delivering unique 3d game assets including custom 3D characters. For years, we have helped game developers across the world to bring their concepts to life. We excel in terms of quality, on-time delivery, and privacy, and innovativeness.

headphones 3d product model

Electronic 3D Models

Our designers can develop top quality 3D models to visualize a number of electronic objects. It includes smartphones, television, microchip, computers, fridge, circuit boards, fuses, headphones, refrigerators, cameras, transistors, etc.

3d print model

Printing 3D Models

We are experts in developing print-ready models of diverse products like toys, showpieces, or works of sculpture and art. Our artists can develop print-ready digital sculpts that can be easily transformed into a solid form using 3D printers.

3d stall design

3D Stall Design

If you have an event coming up, our experts can design pragmatic stalls for that too. We can create any 3D stall designs, starting from customized booths for trade shows to designs for banner stamps.

Why employ our 3D Product Modeling Services?

Our 3D design studio has been a reliable partner for several clients. We have aided them with the successful completion of their 3D product designs, garnering the desired audience attention. This greatly helped them to maximize the returns on investment for their project.

We adhere to international quality standards as we strive to generate superior 3d product renders and deliver professional 3D product modeling and visualization services. Besides, we also ensure that it supports all their eCommerce endeavors.

Here’s what you should expect when you do business with us:

Get Photorealistic 3D Product Designs from PGBS

Our 3d product modeling services are perfectly designed to help our clients with creating prototypes. Not just this, but our services also support them to engage in research and development activities. Also, they can pitch new business ideas with high-quality presentations and 3d animations.

So, if you are looking to engage with a team of talented product modelers, we are the right choice for you. We have been working with reputed companies and product designers who trust us with diverse 3D model design projects.

We have evolved as one of the most trusted 3d product modeling companies providing CGI product modeling services over these years. With a customer-centric business approach, we have been registering a steady expansion of our customer base.


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Client Testimonials

“The 3D artists at PGBS crafted realistic and flawless models for a new brand of watches that I was looking to develop. The team respected my opinions and developed custom models as per my specifications. Thank you and I would love to work with you again.”

Tara Shriver, Business Owner, US

“I am a jewelry designer and PGBS’s 3D design team helped me bring my ideas into life. The professionals developed intricately-detailed 3D models of jewelry items including bracelets and necklaces and helped me to pitch my ideas to prominent jewelry brands.”

Lauren Stevenson, Jewelry Designer, US
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Some of our work samples

chair design
farmhouse dining table and chairs
living room furniture design
modern dinning table
water filter 3d model
light 3d model
vacuum cleaner 3d model
3D product modeling services
drill machine 3d model
room table 3d model set
wood desk 3d model

Our CGI product modeling company excels in project delivery and we would help you achieve your project goals. If you have a requirement that we can support you with, do Contact Us and we would be happy to take the discussion further.

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