Are you in need of a 3D model price for your promotional campaigns or product development? Most businesses need 3D models for their activities these days.

Since there’s been a rise in demand for 3D designs, many companies offering these services have also popped up. A simple online search will show you dozens upon dozens of these companies. But most of them might not fit your needs. Many times, their prices are too high, or their service packages aren’t as flexible as you’d like them to be.

ProGlobalBusinessSolutions has been in this industry for well over a decade, and in this time, we’ve worked with many businesses with requirements that are of varying complexity. If you’d like us as your 3D design partner, you can read this simple guide to understand our various 3D modeling services and pricing models.

How much does 3D modeling cost per hour on average?

Like most other services, 3D modeling rates vary depending on the country and region. For example, the average hourly rate charged for 3D modeling services in the USA is $39, whereas in the UK, it’s $35.

On the other hand, freelance 3D artists across the world charge as low as $5/hour to as high as $500/hour according to Upwork and Fiverr.

While it’s true that freelancer hourly rates make it easier to estimate the cost, there are other factors that contribute to the final cost and quality of the services. Some of the other factors are:

  • Amount of work needed to be done.
  • Complexity of the project.
  • Turnaround time.

If you require high-end 3D models with large volumes, then selecting a reputed 3D modeling company is the best choice.

Our 3D modeling pricing structure

Our 3D modeling services are available in two ways: on an hourly basis and on a project basis.

Hourly basis

Our hourly pricing will start as low as $5 to $20 based on project complexity and type. In our hourly pricing model, this is how the process goes:

  1. In the hourly basis model, you give us your requirements and specifications.
  2. We’ll provide the details of the work you require and fix an appropriate hourly rate for the project.
  3. Once we begin, we’ll only charge you for the hours we work on your assignment.

The hourly pricing model is perfect for clients who need a large volume of custom 3D design work to be done regularly, but at infrequent intervals.

Project basis

Our project-based pricing will come at a fixed price. Here’s the process we follow under the project model:

  1. We receive the project requirements and goals from you.
  2. We review the project details you have listed and make an assessment of its complexity and duration.
  3. Then we will make an estimate of the project cost and send it to you for approval.
  4. After the approval is received, we begin working on your requirements and submit the deliverables to you by the deadline.
  5. After you review all the deliverables and all revisions are completed, we will send you an invoice at the price quoted.

Our project-based pricing model is best for large and medium-scale scopes of work.

Types of custom 3D models

All 3D modeling work is highly specialized. Therefore, we have different specialists to carry out each phase of the work. Here are some of the custom 3D models we can make for you:

Low-poly models

If you work with or run apps, games, or digital platforms, then you’ll be in need of low-poly models. They’re made up of fewer polygons (geometry is pretty simple), so they don’t need much processing power.

We, at PGBS, will use 3D modeling to create for you, quality low-poly models like game props and characters – that will ensure smooth gameplay for your users.

High-poly models

High-poly models have a large number of polygon meshes. They’re more well-suited for models that need to look hyper-realistic, such as in animated movies, special effects, product design work, etc. PGBS modelers are experts at building highly intricate models complete with fine details like hair, fabric texture, ornaments, etc.

3D sculpting

In 3D sculpting, we make models of organic objects like people, plant life, animals, etc. With special software, we turn ‘digital clay’ into a model by using push, pull, pinch, and smoothening motions with different tools.

3D modeling for AR/VR

We also undertake model-making for AR and VR environments here at PGBS. These are models that look as realistic as possible and are guaranteed to make customer interactions more exciting.

AR and VR technology is used on different platforms, so, based on your needs, we will make the models appropriately, so they respond and work smoothly.

3D texturing

3D texturing is the process where we add color and textures, like scales, hair, bumps, rough patches, etc., to models. There’s a misconception that, at the end of the 3D modeling process, you get fully colored models. 

The truth is that the modeling process only gives you a basic grayscale model. The models actually get their color and textures in this process, where we make them look more realistic and lifelike through our 3D texturing services.

3D Print Models

We create highly detailed 3D models that are primarily meant for 3D printing. Models required for games and for printing can’t be the same. At times, 3D-printed models need to be hollow, solid, or moveable, depending on their intended use.

These days, 3D printing is in high demand for the manufacture of fine and complicated parts, like those seen in:

  • Heathcare 
  • Automobiles
  • Education
  • Architecture
  • Gaming, etc.

At PGBS, we have a team of experts who are skilled at making 3D models that are exclusively meant for 3D printing purposes, so that you reach your desired goals.

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