A multilingual call center support system is the need of the hour for customer-centric businesses in the present scenario. Although the most spoken languages, to the ones that most people least use; all have particular importance.

This is why telephone answering providers that work on behalf of most of the companies offer customer support in almost all the global languages.

The reason for this shift is that customers like to interact with someone in their native language rather than a foreign jargon that is sometimes out of their syllabus, especially when it comes to the inbound calls made by the customers to get their issues resolved quickly.

So, if a business wants to target Spain and reach out to the vast Spanish audience, they must have this one such linguistic setup, a robust customer service in Spanish. And not just the country itself, there are hundreds and thousands of people belonging to the Spanish diaspora within the United States. If we talk about the number of Spanish speakers, the stats may surprise you because, per much geographical data, there are approximately 52 million Spanish speakers alone in the United States.

If we believe in what the US Census Bureau’s data says, by 2050, the number of Spanish speakers will increase by approx. 132.8 million in America.

This is why many customer-centric businesses are opening their gates for Spanish language customer support, to give ultimate support to the customers who want to talk in their native language. Such Spanish customer support solutions are a step ahead to win over customers with assurance and familiarity.

In this article, we will share the importance of establishing Spanish-speaking customer support. But before that, let us understand why you should provide an excellent customer experience to Spanish-speaking people and why you must have a dedicated call center set up for customer communication in Spanish

Facts Businesses Must Consider While Dealing with Spanish Customers

If you are planning to expand your Spanish customer service solutions, then there are some facts you must consider before moving ahead. These facts will help you understand them better and take your execution in the right direction.

  • Fact 1- Spanish Buyers are Straightforward

    The first and foremost thing you need to understand about Spanish people is that their behavior is quite candid pertaining to customer experience and data protection.

    A business may be a good brand, but it should be good at winning the trust of these customers as it derives the buying decision and business-customer relationship for Spaniards.

  • Fact 2- Spanish Buyers are Hard to Win & Easy to Lose

    Most customers from Spain come with a traditional mindset, and are not an easy win when it comes to business or shopping. They demand loyalty and quick resolution to their problems after getting a service or purchasing a product from a business.

    If you cannot win your Spanish customer in loyalty and quick resolution, you might lose them quickly.

  • Fact 3- Spanish Patrons are No Spendthrifts

    One significant fact the businesses must remember while dealing with Spanish clients is that they are not spendthrifts and understand the value of money, no matter how much they like to eat, socialize and enjoy their livelihood.

    They always look for better prices when purchasing something they need. So, it is suitable for businesses to keep a close watch on the commodity prices and compare their offerings with the market to serve these customers best. More so, the brand owners must also strive to offer as much value they can. The more value added offerings a brand has, the more they can convince their Spanish prospects.

    Businesses must consider these significant facts about Spanish customers before reaching them. It is always good to have a thorough research done about the customers you are dealing with, or going to deal with in the future and to know their interests and preferences.

    And in the case of the Spanish buyer’s pool, you should prioritize the brand presentation and trust instead of placing brand loyalty at the center of the marketing strategies.

Now it’s time to understand the importance of Spanish customer support for businesses.

Importance of Setting Up a Customer Support in Spanish language

  1. Good Business-Customer Relationship

    If you plan to set up customer support for Spanish natives, it is a good decision as they love their culture and always keep their dialect as a priority. Hence it is good to have a word with them in the language they feel comfortable with.

    This will build an excellent business-customer rapport and will be a contributing factor to sales.

  2. A Reliable Service with Very Few or No Delays in Customer Handling

    It is often seen that customer service emerges as a non-reliable service if it cannot provide a solution in a short time or if the customer faces some delays in resolving their problems.

    This may be due to many reasons, but a significant reason could be the language barrier. This is why it is suggested for businesses to have a multilingual customer support outsourcing or an in-house team to get the job done.

    This will help your business solve issues quickly, and delays will be very few or zero, and you will emerge as a reliable customer service. And seeing a trustworthy customer service in Espanol, your target audience will perceive a sense of confidence and reliability.

  3. A Competitive Advantage for Businesses

    In the modern industry setup, the competition is cutthroat, and getting customers who trust you is hard to earn. In such a competitive scenario, what can be done?

    The answer is setting up bilingual customer support (If you deal with customers of two languages) or multilingual customer support (In case you have various native language customer bases). You must have some good customer support agents fluent in Spanish language phrases and how to greet customers in Spanish language.

    This will give you an extra advantage in the competition and will always keep you up in winning the patrons over your competitors.

  4. Enhances International Customer Pool & Profits

    When you set up support team with the ability to deal with prospects of various jargons or your business, you will have a win-win situation in both cases.

    • It will enhance your international presence
    • It will increase your international customer pool
    • And, it will help you in getting more and more profits

Undoubtedly, your in-house or third-party Spanish-speaking customer service representatives will add tremendous value to your business and give it a global stature.


In the dynamic industry setup, bilingual customer support service providers are finding new ways to get more customers and make their businesses earn more profits. And to achieve this, they are trying every way possible to win customers. And not for just earning profits or sales, nowadays brands also want to emerge as diverse and all-inclusive when it comes to expanding business.

The most recent addition to this is a multi-language call center setup that provides services to the customers in the language they understand. In addition, various national and international languages are added to the setup to enhance the customer pool and gain more customers.

This new value addition has proven to be highly fruitful to both the businesses and the customers, as it has provided an easy way for the customers to connect with the business. Moreover, for business, it is bringing in more and more profit.

Spanish call center service is another feather in the cap for customer-centric businesses.

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