Having useful and quality data is as much important as having any data at all. Since whatever information that you have is collected from various sources, structuring and arranging them to ease the use can be very tough. However, you can always seek support from a professional data cleansing services provider in India or do it yourself through the following process.

Data cleaning process

Data cleansing process steps

Plan the cleansing

Start the process by planning on what you are looking to achieve through the cleansing process. State your goals and depending upon the goals, devise your strategies. Analyze your resources to do the same or hire one of the best data cleansing service providers to make sure that you can achieve what you envision.

The analysis phase

Before starting the process after planning the same, analyze the information you have and run a preliminary check on what you miss and what the status of your current database is. Based on the findings, establish some standards and rules to abide the process by.


As you start the process, standardize the enriched information that is entering your system. You need to use scripts and flowcharts to direct the flow of information into the system to make sure that the cleansed one is structured and stored effectively for easy retention.

Getting back what is missing

This is the most important and difficult step for you or the concerned service provider in India that you have hired. The process will need real time and effort to get the information that is missing. You have to get the lost information in the best way possible.


By monitoring your stored information and the new information that you add periodically, you can eliminate the problems piling and it can be addressed pretty easily before they start to show up as big concerns for your company.

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