A logo is of immense importance to your business. You can seek online logo design services from PGBS, where we develop highly tailored logos for various business firms. Here, you will come across the frequently asked questions regarding logo design services. We have tried to cover all the queries that our customers generally ask before seeking our services.

What is the importance of a logo for my business?

The logo represents your brand and a well-drafted logo remains in the memory of your customers for long. It becomes a symbol, that your customers can associate with your business.

Can you explain the importance of vector format in my logo?

A vector logo comes in a digital format, composed of various shapes and lines, instead of pixels. It can be resized easily, making it crispier and cleaner. As we provide cost-effective illustration services you can get professional vector-based logos for your business.

Can I animate my logo and integrate it into a video?

Yes, you can. After the logo is designed, you may want to create a logo animation with it. Have a consultation with our animation specialists regarding your requirements to benefit from our animation services.

What are your charges for logo designing?

The logo designing cost varies from one project to another. The clients need to pay the up-front fee at the outset and the remaining amount has to be paid upon delivery.. The overall cost depends on the type of design, level of service and other aspects.

Why does the pricing of custom logo design services turn out to be so high most of the time?

Different aspects are involved in the designing process. These include developing conceptual drafts after conducting market research. We also carry out the final revisions, based on the specific needs of our clients. Designing custom logos involve both technical knowledge and creativity. Besides, the experts integrate their branding and marketing knowledge while designing. Evidently, the cost is higher than the simple ordinary ones.

Why should I approach a professional logo designing company?

You should consider your logo design as a serious investment, as it can enhance your brand image. A well-crafted logo comes with a high potential for your business. Therefore, it is wise to approach an established logo designing company and get the design done.

Do you have any additional charges for designing a multi-colored logo?

No. We do not have any hidden charges. You need not pay any additional charge for getting a multi-colored design. You may choose to use as many colors as you want in your logo and it is included in the package itself.

How long will you take to design my logo?

The duration of designing a logo depends on its complexity and style. In general, our designers take three to five business days. They keep in touch with our clients and update them on the progress while working on the design. After completing the first phase, we seek the feedback from our clients for specific recommendations. If you want a particular font or style to be integrated, you can send the required specifications through email. In the second phase of the logo design process, our experts work on these recommendations, tailoring the logo as required.

In what format will I receive the final logo?

We deliver the logo in various format, that is required to use it in online and offline platforms. For instance, you will require the files in JPEG and GIF formats for online use. For high-resolution images, they have to be produced in EPS or .AI format. Besides, you may need the logo in JPG or TIF format of using them for offline purposes. No additional charges are involved in the process for converting the design to the desired format.

Do you provide letterhead and business card designing services?

Yes. You may approach us with specific needs for designing letterheads and business cards. The prices of these services are different. You may have a detailed consultation with us regarding your needs and seek our various graphic designing services.

Do you maintain the privacy of information of the clients?

We are committed to our clients and take all necessary measures to maintain the confidentiality of their information. We maintain the privacy of information of the clients, that they provide us through the online channels. These include the name, address, email id, contact details and so on. These remain securely stored in our servers and are accessible only by authorized personnel. Your information will be used only for the purpose they are meant for.

Can I seek your services if I am from a different country?

Of course. Regardless of your demography, you can approach us for logo design services. We provide our services online, which eliminates geographic and communication barriers. You will face no difficulty whatsoever while collaborating with us. Besides, our customer support desk comes with the specialization in communicating in foreign languages, including Arabic, French, Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, Spanish and other languages. Evidently, we have expanded our customer base around the globe, with a robust customer support desk backing us up.

To whom does the copyright of my logo belong after it is designed?

The copyright belongs to the client. After you get the logo designed, you will own the copyright of the design. You can then get it registered at the registrar office. You may also request us to place the ‘TM’ mark, or the symbol or registration on the logo, if you want.

Is it required for me to pay through credit card? I am concerned with the security. Do you have any other options for accepting the payment?

You can pay through PayPal, apart from making credit card payment. The clients send us the account information through email. The process is usually completed within two days.

What software is used?

Our experts use advanced logo design software in the process.

 What types of logo do you design?

  • The Submark
  • The Lettermark
  • The Wordmark
  • Abstract iconography
  • Pictorial mark or brand mark

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