As real estate businesses continue to promote their projects aggressively, the real estate photography market continues to witness massive growth. Real estate businesses look for professional images to market their properties to the target audience. Professional photographers, however experienced they are, require professional real estate photo editing support in order to create refined image versions that can boost the appeal of the property listings and let them create an awesome work portfolio.

Top real estate photographers have multiple photoshoots to handle on a daily basis, because of which they cannot adopt a do-it-all approach all the time. That’s the reason why many busy real estate photographers are choosing reputed service providers that specialize in delivering world-class real estate photo editing outsourcing support.

Whether you are a real estate photographer or the owner of a real estate business or a photo studio, you may want to make sure that all your images go through professional post-processing support and that they deliver the results that you are looking for. When you outsource your photo editing needs to a reliable service provider, you can relax knowing that experienced professionals are working in the backend to deliver world-class outcomes.

In this article, we have discussed why you should opt for real estate photo editing outsourcing and what criteria you should consider why choosing an offshore photo editing service partner. We hope that this piece of content would address most of your real estate photo editing outsourcing dilemma and help you to identify the right service provider.

Real Estate Photo Editing Outsourcing Benefits

When you delegate the task of image post-processing to a service provider, you will be able to focus on other important tasks such as real estate photography sessions (if you are a photographer) and promoting your projects via online and offline media (if you are a realtor or the owner of a real estate business). However, you may consider photo editing to be an additional investment that may negatively impact your marketing budget or you may be in a dilemma as to whether you should trust an offshore service provider with your photo editing work. Is it really worth to invest in outsourcing? Will professionals be able to address my needs accurately? What would be my savings in terms of money and time?

We have answers to all your questions.

  1. Focus on Vital Tasks

    Among other tasks involved in real estate photography, photo editing is a small task. But this is a really critical task that demands a lot of time. And this takes a more critical form if your clients choose to work with you on very short deadlines. When you outsource real estate photo editing to another company, you will have more time to focus on shooting, deploying your marketing strategies, responding to business inquiries, and spending quality time with your family.

  2. You would get access to expertise

    When you handle photo editing yourself, you need to master a lot of tricks and techniques in order to generate desired results. You may need to pursue a course and try out several photo editing software yourself in order to be able to carry out photo editing properly. But you do not have sufficient time and money to go through all these troubles. When you outsource, you get access to skilled human resources who are proficient in the use of leading software tools. They are even expert at editing your images in your preferred style and as per the requirements of your project. They may even have certain special skills that you have not heard about anytime.

  3. Your work gets done when you sleep

    When you outsource your tasks to an offshore photo editing company, you benefit from time difference. To be more precise, your outsourced photo editors from some other corner of the world would handle your tasks when you are sleeping. And what you should note is that reputed photo editing companies operate throughout the day and you can reach their executives at any time you want. When you sleep, enjoy a vacation with your family and friends, or when you watch a movie, you can just stay relaxed, knowing that a responsible team of editors are working on your behalf at some other corner of the world.

  4. You can get your photos edited faster

    Agencies employ experienced employees who have the expertise and skill to edit real estate photos in a professional manner. These editors can deliver outcomes faster than you can think of and often superior than what you can do yourself. Some companies even guarantee a 24-hour turnaround depending on the volume of your project.

  5. You may benefit from comprehensive service packages

    When you do business with a real estate photo editing service provider, you might be offered a host of other related services too. When offered as a package, this might bring you cost efficiency. The related services that you may benefit from are 3d architecture visualization, call canter services, virtual assistant services, virtual staging, virtual tour creation, 360-degree panorama stitching, video editing, etc. Your business operations would now become more streamlined as now you would receive multiple services from one service provider at the most competitive rates. On the other hand, when you deal with multiple service providers, you will find it troublesome to manage all and to get deliveries on time. Your costs may also be considerably higher.

  6. You receive appropriate suggestions

    If you are a photographer, you would feel biased towards your work and would remain away from the actuality. But when you work with real estate image editors, you would get proper feedback about your work and can develop a newer outlook. You may get innovative ideas to improve your images, photo-shooting styles, delivery turnarounds, etc.

  7. You get extra time to do other activities

    As you delegate the responsibility of time-consuming photo editing tasks to another professional (s), you get a lot of extra time to do other activities. For example, you can spend more time to do more photoshoots, spend quality moments with your friends and family, you can focus on the implementation of your marketing strategies, initiate a new project, write blog posts, or even meet someone over a cup of coffee. You can utilize major time to do activities that would boost business growth.

So these were the reasons why you should really think of outsourcing your photo editing requirements as well as other tasks to a reliable outsourcing partner that can assure you the delivery of quality outcomes within predetermined deadlines.

Factors to consider while choosing a service provider for outsourcing real estate photography editing

Outsourcing may raise a lot of concerns in your mind regarding factors such as quality, timely delivery, pricing, and control. You may consider the following factors while choosing a service provider:

  • Quality

    Check the quality of the deliverables by browsing through their service portfolio. You may also ask them to work on a few samples for you. This would allow you to judge the quality of your deliverables.

  • Testimonials

    You can check out the client-testimonials from their website

  • References

    Ask the service provider to send you references of people who have hired its service before. This would allow you to talk to them directly and know about their experiences in dealing with this service provider.

  • Free Trial

    You should check if your shortlisted service provider is ready to offer a free trial service. This would allow you to judge the quality of their service and to understand if they can cater to your service needs.

  • Packages

    You should review the different packages that your service provider is offering. You should know the different cost elements and should understand what you would be paying for. Check the number of revisions that the packages include. You should also check if there are hidden charges.

  • Customer Service

    Your chosen service provider should always remain active to respond to your queries. A company is known by the level of customer service it provides. Ideally, your chosen service provider should

  • Confidentiality

    Your service provider should offer to enter into a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with you. They should also have secure methods of file transfer in place. For example, they should facilitate file transfer via password protected FTP paths. Check online if they have ever suffered any data breach incident.

  • Project Managers

    A reputed service provider should have dedicated project managers and quality supervisors who ensure that the finest quality deliverables are passed on to you.

Whether you opt for outsourcing or you want to handle this yourself, it is your personal decision. We have pinpointed the important facts that you should consider while choosing a service provider so that you can make the most out of your investment. The benefits of outsourcing are many and you may want to make sure that you are able to maximize these benefits to an optimal extent.

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