For any kind of business, it is essential to have a friendly and supportive telephone customer service agent in place. Chances are high that it will leave a great impression on the customers, make them feel that they are valued as well as build up company’s reputation.

But on another note, engaging a specialised call center within your organization is not a feasible choice; given the fact it needs a good investment. When it comes to small companies or start-up organisations, they wouldn’t go for such an expensive option and have independent management to handle a call center. However they can opt for a better solution that can replace the traditional in-house telephonic customer care and that is the virtual call center.

What is virtual call center?

The virtual contact center is a more of an upbeat and sophisticated kind of phone support solution that provides business entities a virtual depiction of their company’s offices. It is actually a contact center in which the representatives of such businesses are spread across the globe, instead of being cooped up within the four walls of an on-site office.

The virtual contact center is especially beneficial for small organizations, in terms of saving housing and equipment expenses. It also alleviates the tedious recruitment process which usually makes a hole in the pockets. This particular concept includes hardware, software and the infrastructure for networking as required to organize and run an actual contact center. Employees of the center will be placed in groups at various small centers. However mostly freelancers are engaged in this and have the option to work from their comfort zone.

Benefits of having offshore virtual call centers

The virtual contact center has several benefits more than the eyes can meet – in fact, much better when compared to the common and age-old setups of contact center.  And by choosing a virtual call center service one can earn positive results overall – for the company as well as its customers. First and foremost, it will offer one’s customers with best customer support services which are of top notch quality and highly cost effective; actually, more affordable than the traditional ones. With well qualified and experienced professionals available quite easily everywhere in good numbers, one has the option to choose the right kind of representatives for their virtual call center.

However, the selection process is not as easy as it sounds. Meaning, the outsourcing service agencies hold strict screening procedures and rigorous training programs to uphold excellent quality level. This makes one feel completely assured to obtain exceptional services while choosing a virtual contact center. One can enjoy quality services at an affordable rate by outsourcing virtual call centers.

How the nature of virtual call center appears more promising?

  • Longer Service Duration

    A virtual contact center proves to be an advantage for those who wants to provide round the clock customer services as it is highly effective to have agents working within the time zone of the specific area while some work beyond the day time.

  • Increased Productivity

    In some cases it is found that certain people work more efficiently and give productive output if they carry out office duties from home than while working from the office premises. For such kind of employees the virtual contact center offers a common employment ground that will benefit both the worker as well as the manager.

  • Less Employee arbitration

    In a general onshore call center, there is large call center employees negotiation. The excessive working hours and work pressures involved in this kind of profession influences the said factor. However, the virtual contact center gives employees more flexibility, it is less stressful and they can select their job according to their choice at not by the location.

  • Easy on Investment

    The outsourcing element has become a serious matter of discussions these days owing to the pros and cons it is accompanied with. Language barriers, cultural issues, employees’ expenditure and customer satisfaction are everything accountable. But having a virtual contact center there is no qualms about making additional investments for hiring international agents, because you can use them only when required thus saving a lot of money over technology and accommodation.

  • Go beyond geographical settings

    With work-from-home being a fad theses, a lot of professionals are opting for this method of employment. The virtual contact center allows the employees the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. It is feasible because such centers have IP oriented services, which can be used all over the globe.

Why Choose PGBS for Outsourcing Call Center Services

If you are looking for quality driven and advanced technology oriented virtual call center services, then PGBS is the name to trust. By outsourcing virtual call center services to us, you will have the advantage of enhanced customer satisfaction, qualitative services, boost up sales and more productivity. We are backed with world class technology, advanced virtual contact center software, highly skilled workforce and industry expertise to offer businesses with virtual call center services that optimise customer service and at the same time reduce onsite management expenses.

Have an edge over others by outsourcing virtual call center services to PGBS

PGBS offers a wide range of contact center customer support services:

  • Inbound support Services:  PGBS improves business growth through our inbound contact center services which offer befitting solutions that support you to meet business goals.
  • Telemarketing Services:  With PGBS outbound support and telemarketing services, you can reduce expenses and improve efficiency through professional means.
  • Technical Assistance Services:  Give your business an uplift and add value to it by outsourcing technical assistance services to PGBS.
  • CATI services:  More productivity, higher competency, and greater rewards can be achieved by outsourcing CATI services to PGBS.
  • Disaster Recovery services:  Retain business flow even in testing times like natural calamity or unforeseen circumstances with the help of PGBS specialized services for disaster recovery.
  • Online Support Services:  We have separate online support services including email support services and chat support services that help you to keep up a great relationship with your clients as well as answer their queries efficiently anytime, round the year.
  • Multilingual Customer Support Services:  Improve customer satisfaction by attending calls in their respective native languages. PGBS helps you to do so by its exceptional multilingual support services.

PGBS: A Perfect Choice for Outsourcing Virtual Call Center Services

We completely understand how customers can influence a company’s status and business growth. PGroGlobalBusinessSolutions services of virtual contact center helps you in the best possible way – by extending your valued customers complete support that is available round the clock. We will provide highly efficient services with extreme professionalism.

For further queries or any assistance regarding outsourcing your virtual contact center service requirements or getting technical support, do get in touch with our expert team. We will be glad to help you out. At PGBS, we are consistent about striving to achieve our clients’ business objectives and surpass their expectations. We strictly adhere to transparency and encourage our clients to acknowledge inventive decisions in regard to their business.

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