Before we talk about the value of quality call monitoring in a call center, let’s first illuminate the basic concept of call monitoring.

It is, in fact, the process of listening to customer calls, live or recorded ones, for the sake of evaluating various business procedures. For instance, while calling a customer care service, one would have heard the automated voice message saying that the concerned call will be recorded for future references. The monitoring process proceeds:

  • To check call representatives’ performance level
  • To improve sales or marketing goals
  • To make reference notes
  • To enhance business strategies

Call monitoring is mostly used by customer support organisations or call centers. But this could be extended to other businesses and professional fields as well.

The domains using call monitoring

Call Centers and Phone Answering Services

As already mentioned, call centers on a large scale depending on the call monitoring facility. This is to determine main factors; such as

  • Customers’ needs are met in an ethical manner.
  • Call centre representatives are making a note of customers’ requests.
  • Standard targets are met.

Besides these, phone answering services depend on this feature. Many times, people are contacted inappropriately; calls are made to those who are not actually related to a particular business. With a call monitoring facility, control can be imparted to both parties by making the necessary improvisations.

Sales Departments

There are numerous advantages to call monitoring services for sales personnel such as:

  • To give feedbacks for the calls made by trainees.
  • To give reference of successful dealings using call history.
  • Make notes and add tags to the recorded calls.
  • Evaluate the ongoing call.
  • To improve sales procedures.
  • To listen to the conversations made by experienced call representatives and make reference notes.
  • To ensure sales rep are guiding the customers in the right direction to drive sales.

Marketing Departments

Call monitoring can help marketing departments to evaluate the quality of the products they are promoting. Also, they can monitor whether a perfect and distinct flow of marketing and sales messages is maintained for customers. Even the users have the advantage of monitoring call by using the call recording facility.

Now that, we had a clear picture of call monitoring practices, let’s move on to quality call monitoring services in call centers.

By ensuring quality call monitoring, one can achieve remarkable reports on company’s business graph. This is simple, yet effective method by which managers can assess problems, retain service quality, enhance customer experience as well as guide the customer support agents or representatives to improve their performances.

Listed below are some of the best practices in call quality monitoring that can help you to a great extent for your progressive march on the business and professional front.

  • Always ensure that you use superior quality of call center software that will vouch for highest level of call recording, call monitoring and call barging.
  • It is essential that all the entities involved in the call be included while creating scorecards or evaluation forms – including contact center reps, managers and even stakeholders. The scorecards should be prepared reasonably, following policies and taking into account the number of customer’s satisfaction reports.
  • All the company managers must be well trained in evaluating the performance of their agents as well as inter-rater reliability.
  • Make the agents aware of scorecard so that they can have a precise idea of how they are being judged. Maintain a consistent routine to review scorecards.
  • Provide a healthy training programme for coach and manager which will enhance their call monitoring efficiency.
  • The scorecard, in fact, can also be used to monitor live calls and it has its own advantage of improving the quality in call centre. Through its assistance, a manager can check whether
    • There is honesty when the agent is dealing with a customer and he provides accurate details
    • The customer support rep is attending to customer’s needs efficiently and meeting their demands
    • The contact center agent shows eagerness in helping the client to solve his issues, by asking relevant questions.
    • The rep has friendly approach towards the customer, follows professional etiquette and shows right and appropriate amount of concern.
    • The agent is solving customer’s problems by suggesting apt solutions.
    • The agent is showing adeptness by being flexible while dealing with customer’s problems.
  • To improve the overall call center performance, always ensure to have regular review sessions, where all the call center representatives are provided with genuine feedback, conveyed about performance expectations, acknowledged and appreciated for good performance with incentives.
  • In cases when there is poor performance, the call center reps and related teams and departments should be offered with alternative training programs to enhance their skills and There should be annual review process in place, to keep a check on the call quality performance.
  • All the calls that undergo survey, should also be monitored. The agent should be equipped with advanced software that alerts their managers in case they require additional help. Make sure that the call center quality monitoring procedures follow standard norms and are consistently organised to achieve better results.

Last but not the least; by retaining great quality call monitoring standards, one can ensure that your customer support team is able to deliver the highest level of service time after time.  Moreover, your team will have good scope to evolve, customer will be happier and the company will elevate to greater heights. Whereas there will be reduced number of agent turnover helping to curb unnecessary expenditure. In other words, you can enjoy big returns with small investments.

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