The size of your pictures plays a very crucial role in the performance of your website. If your photos are not appropriately sized, they can harm your sales and decrease your website performance. Reducing the size of your photos without affecting the image quality is possible in Photoshop. In addition, there are numerous free and paid tools and plugins that can help you in reducing image file size.

Images are always essential to attract more and more viewers to your website and give them the perfect visual cues which help in strengthening your brand identity. Product photography helps your users get a fantastic shopping experience. Optimized Photos also help enhance SEO and boost your sales by driving more traffic. Conversely, decreased image quality can ruin your business.

If you upload large pictures to your website, it could slow down your page load time. In addition, it will lead to increased bounce rates and decreased sales. If you have ever tried to reduce the size, you might know the risk of damaging the picture quality while image size reduces. However, if you create a website or publish a blog post, high-quality, properly-sized photos are essential for your business. By resizing your pictures without losing quality, you can help your brand look professional.

Let’s help you understand different ways to reduce the size of your photos, preserving the quality.

Photoshop image sizing

  • Determine your picture aspect ratio
  • Decide whether the photo needs to be cropped and where it will be used if it’s a product thumbnail, product image, homepage banner, etc.
  • For a thumbnail, select an a1:1 aspect ratio.
  • Save for web is the tool you can use to alter your quality compression and size of the picture.
  • This tool has several functions which help in editing.
  • A .jpeg format allows the compression in the best way.
  • You can preset medium, low, high, very high & maximum. Choose them according to your compression and reduce image file size
  • Set the perfect dimensions so the photo won’t get distorted while altering the size.
  • No one size fits all the options. Instead, each picture takes an individualized tweaking accordingly.

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Free web tools to help you edit and reduce your picture size

  • Canva is a free photo editor that allows cropping and resizing your pictures.
  • Pixlr can also be used to edit and resize the photos as you need. This editing site has free-vector editing tools with amazing graphics and free fonts for editing use.
  • Different free editing tools, namely rotating and flipping images, color adjustment tools, and filter addition, can also be used for image enhancement.

Listing out some of the Web tools to reduce picture size & compression

  • TinyPNG/JPG

    Being free to use this site helps reduce the size of your file. It has no editing features but focuses on file compression, stripping unnecessary data from your photo. This helps preserve the quality of your photos and can be used as a complementary tool to other photoshop image sizing techniques.


    This site can be used in your web browser, helping in file shrinking and getting rid of EXIF metadata, including GPS position and the camera’s serial number. You can also choose to keep the metadata intact, as it is essential to optimize your product photos to enhance your SEO.

  • Bulk Web Resizer

    Helpful in reducing the picture file size in bulk. You can upload a batch of photographs and resize them according to the required dimensions with this site. Picture quality can also be adjusted, and the sharpening of your photos can be done based on your needs.

  • Pngquant

    A tool that helps compress .png files and reduce the size of the file. The conversion helps in reducing the file size significantly by as much as 70% to preserve transparency (full alpha). Photos generated are compatible with all the browsers and OS (operating systems).

Plugins capable of photos size reduction within your CMS


  • WP Smush PRO: Best optimizer helpful in optimizing unlimited pictures
  • EWWW Image Optimizer: Helps in optimizing photos using tools on your server
  • ShortPixel: Helps in improving the performance of your website by compressing, resizing, and serving pictures from CDN


  • Image Optimizer – Image Compression and Optimization helps in automatically compress your photos to minimize file size
  • Pics is an easy-to-use automated image compression plugin that can act as an SEO & image optimizer, compressor, and site speed optimizer.
  • SEO Photo Optimizer helps in photo compression, alt tag optimization helping you to speed up your site and make it SEO friendly.
  • Minifier – Image and Website Optimization plugin that helps in improving store visibility, page speed, and quality traffic.

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