It is a weird but true fact that the way in which you present something is more important than the quality of your actual products and services. Gaining the trust and attracting prospects is the primary thing that matters; rest all simply follows. A website looking great with enticing and refined images to ignite huge confidence in a visitor on your website. On the other hand, blurry images that are unedited raw craps can repel them away. It is in this context that the significance of product photography retouching services by professionals is realized. PGBS is a name you can trust for elevating the class of images by eCommerce product photo editing services.

Product photo retouching

Jewelry Image Editing: Before and After Sample

Experts here revere the fact that images need to be most professional and the cleanest. Even the minutest of details need to be presented well and most clearly. Make your products be in the limelight with our exceptional product photo editing services. No matter how blurry or of low quality your images are, get the work done professionally.

Product photo retouching services

There is always a limitation with online selling. Your prospect is not able to get direct experience with the product; they can’t touch or feel. This restriction or pitfall needs to be compensated and the best operative way for that is to edit and retouch your product images.

Our eCommerce photo editing services include 

At PGBS, you get a plethora of solutions related to image enhancements. You don’t have to go in quest of a professional photographer to recapture your products. We do everything related to the same with what you have as of now. Some of the important ones are

  • Basic fixes including cropping of images, reduction of blurs and correction of brightness etc.
  • Cleaning the images from issues caused by fingerprints, scratches and such related imperfections.
  • Digital photo retouching for replacement of colors.
  • Reflections and shadows recreation.
  • Removal of unwanted objects and details.
  • Retouching of models.

eCommerce Photo Enhancement Services

Photo enhancement provisions from us cover a wide array of services along with adjustment of colors, product background removal or enhancement, image cropping, colorization etc. Underlying is a quick snapshot.

  • Color Correction: We restore the lost color of your photos while ensuring that contrast and brightness etc. are perfectly balanced.
  • Background Enhancement: Our experts can work on the backgrounds of eCommerce product photos. Colored ones can be replaced with B/W or vice versa.
  • Cropping: Unwanted elements makes the viewer lose his focus. We crop out such unnecessary parts to make images more attention grabbing and attractive to the viewer.

eCommerce Image Clipping Services

We provide top grade eCommerce image clipping, let it be simple or complex. Thus a set of photos appear to be uniform which makes them professional and more desirable.

  • Isolation/Extraction:  Perfect outlines, as well as clarity, is ensured to all the images through smart tricks.
  • Hiding the “Neck”: Mannequin photo editing is one of our main areas of proficiency and every clothing store can benefit from the same. We make sure that the clothes look amazing post of service provisions.
  • Clipping Path with Original Shadow: We make use of creative and sophisticated blending techniques for creating shadows and thus adding a feel of depth.
  • eCommerce Image Creation: We are also capable of creating images of varied sizes including zoomed ones, thumbnail or custom sized. Providing us the original photo would be enough.

Masking: Our product image editing team will alter your pictures via cutting-edge masking techniques including layer masking, alpha channel masking, translucency and transparency masking etc. to make the image appear more real.

Product Image Batch Processing: We crop, resize as well as handle huge quantities of pictures rapidly and competently as batch files. Rather than simply processing, we keep an eye on assuring that the images are optimized for the web. Also size, naming conventions, dimensions, and file format etc. are taken care of.

Product Background Removal: It happens sometimes that background of a picture fails to enhance the image quality or even reflect its true nature. In such a scenario, we edit, remove or replace the background with an appropriate one.

Benefits of relying on us for outsourcing eCommerce product photo editing services

There are many companies who claim to offer the best quality services. However, the fact is that many fail to stand true to their words. PGBS has a solid repute and our track record speaks for us.

  • We have years of experience in the niche of photo editing services.
  • Our team is reliable and most professional in approach.
  • Professionals here use the best processes and most sophisticated tools.
  • We can work on distorted photos, regardless of their complexities.
  • Expertise to create photorealistic 3d product images and animations to attract visitors attention.

To get more details regarding our eCommerce photo editing services, speak to us right now.

Client testimonials

“We are very much impressed with the services offered by this company. We were on short notice to edit a bulk amount of e-commerce product photos. However, PGBS came to our rescue with the high-end results. Though they completed the job within a short time period, there were no issues regarding the work quality. Everything was handled with ease and perfection.”
Photographer, Food manufacturing company, Australia
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