PGBS is a prominent provider of apparel photo editing services. We, at PGBS, employ a team of experienced photo editors who have high level proficiency and can refine apparel photos to an optimal extent while ensuring the retention of the images’ natural appeal. From delivering ghost mannequin editing support to performing color correction to fixing creases, stains, and scratches, our photo editors can deliver exceptional apparel photo editing support, allowing retailers, eCommerce business owners, advertising and media firms, photographers, and photo studios to create a strong reputation in the market. With years of experience in photo editing, we have championed the art and the science of delivering world-class outcomes that help business and professionals meet their goals.

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We strive hard to deliver excellent and impeccable product photo editing services to all our clients meeting all their requirements. Our team of expert clothing photo editing professionals toils day in and day out to make sure that the images are visually stunning and always come alive helping the prospective buyers of our clients make faster buying decisions.

What sort of apparel photo editing services can PGBS provide?

As one of the industry leaders when it comes to delivering brilliant and result-oriented photo editing outsourcing services, we have helped numerous clients domestically and internationally take full advantage of their apparel images. Our experience and attention to detail help us deliver unmatched quality clothing photo retouching without being unaffordable.

Following are some of the most sought-after services that we provide

  • Apparel color correction: We understand that businesses need products that reflect colors in their perfect shades. Let your photographers take the shots, and we would take care of the rest of the task. We will use advanced photo editing tools to improvise colors in such a manner that a natural appeal is maintained. This will save you money and time and help you make awesome product presentations. We can even help you showcase the same product in a number of color variations.
  • Black and white effects addition: We can convert colored images into their black-and-white versions so as to instill a classic effect. We can even generate black-and-white images that would have color pops in their different strategic parts, which would help to put special focus on different parts of an image, thereby helping users to use these images for targeted purpose and to draw maximum attention. We make sure to restore the appropriate light, darkness and shadow balance through an appropriate use of the Dodge & Burn tool.
  • Ghost mannequin services: We can provide professional ghost mannequin photo editing services while refining the look of your clothing design and fitting by applying Photoshop tools and other sophisticated photo editing software. Our experienced team has high level of photo editing knowledge and can apply appropriate techniques on your clothing photography so as to get the desired neck-joint effects. We perform dummy photo representation in a flawless manner, thereby allowing you to make the most of our photo editing services.
  • Contrast and brightness adjustment and idealizing: We understand that bright, contrast, shadows, and reflections form an integral part of photo appeal. With appropriate adjustment of brightness and contrast, we can instill a natural appeal in images. We can eliminate the faulty effects of photography, which may result due to improper lighting or background. From striking the perfect balance between brightness and contrast to establishing the perfect chemistry between shadows and reflections, we can add life to your retouched product photos.
  • Editing and correction of iron wrinkled apparel images: We are aware of the fact that during clothing photography, distortions result when products are pinned to the background. Secondly, when items are piled on top of each other in the studio, the fabric tends to get wrinkled. Our photo editors can not only reshape and align items to professionally refine the images, but they can also iron out the wrinkles from clothing images, thereby instilling a creaseless look. With our advanced photo retouching techniques, you can get your apparel photography perfectly reshaped.
  • Image straightening: We have fixed hundreds of curved photos in the past and we can help you too. We can eliminate flaws that may result from inappropriate handling of the camera, thereby helping photographers get perfect image versions. We can straighten crooked images and make them look perfect by applying our Photoshop expertise, thereby allowing you to make an optimal use of images that are professionally edited to suit your specific business requirements.
  • Redundant accessories removal: We understand what makes an image aesthetically appealing. We are not just technical experts at using Photoshop, but we have high level of creativity and aesthetic sense as well. Before applying any photo editing technique, we would look through an image carefully so as to be able to find out what improvements are needed. We would eliminate excess or redundant accessories that might otherwise be damaging the overall impact of an image and making it appear less glamorous.
  • Scratch and crease fixation: An image that you need to edit may bear signs of damage that may have resulted due to time or poor handling. We can use professional image editors to remove all scratches and creases from your digital photographs. We can use the Airbrush tool that creates a softer appeal that blends well with the original image while adding color with a degree of transparency so as to instill a more realistic appeal. We can appropriately use the Clone Stamp tool in order to copy an unspoiled part of the photo so as to use it over the damaged portion.
  • Stain removal: Our photo editors are experienced at using various complex features of Photoshop and can deliver world-class retouching effects so as to generate world-class retouched image versions. They can remove stains, dots, and unwanted marks from images, thereby allowing businesses to use professionally refined images on their Ecommerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Etsy, eBay etc. for more effective marketing and better responses from their target customers.

Why PGBS is the best Apparel Editing Services Provider?

We are one of the most preferred apparel image editing services providers and have delivered numerous high-quality works for some of the best eCommerce and apparel businesses from around the world. Following are the unique services propositions that we offer;

  • All our product image editors are academically qualified.
  • We provide professional training to our people to help them meet all varying client requirements.
  • PGBS always ensures that the images that you deliver are enhanced to a possible extent.
  • We retain the unique traits and defining characters of every image to keep its individuality intact.
  • We have various internal quality checking mechanisms for keeping our processes effective.
  • Our expert’s double check to ensure that the services we deliver meet all the industry standards.

At PGBS, you can always expect excellent customer service. You can always talk to one of our client management associates for any concern related to the project that we undertake.

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