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A 7 step photo retouching guide – simple yet effective

Professional photo retouching service providers offer excellent results that are hard for amateurs to assure. There are certain rules to be followed while retouching photos because if the detail is lacking then the picture is worthless. This 7 step guide containing relevant tips and techniques can be highly instructive. Crop out irrelevant edges Crop tool [...]

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Photoshop updates – Part 1

Photoshop has always remained most handy and favourite software for a lot of Indian artists from diverse domains indulged in providing photo editing services. The regular updates made in this software is really a boon as the functionality availed enhances to newer heights. Among many updates made, there are few which grabbed a lot of [...]

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Photo restoration services in India

Outsourcing photo restoration services to India Photographs whether digital or in print are of huge relevance in many contexts. Personal life captured and candid photography always remains as remembrance and align closely to your emotions. Whatsoever the applications of these captured tangibles are, sometimes restoration of photographs becomes inevitable and a king part of the [...]

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Benefits of Outsourcing Your Photo Editing Services needs to India

In the present digital era, almost all businesses have marked their online presence. The role played by photographs in this context is pivotal and this would never be an exaggeration to say so. Whether it’s for your website, brochure or a simple product catalog, incorporation of quality images enhances the gracefulness and professionalism of the [...]

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