data validation case study

The data enrichment process is a continuous activity which can be perfectly managed by outsourcing it to the experts. We have vast experience supporting our customers in managing their data cleansing objectives. Many clients across the globe count on us for quick and precise outputs.

Please keep reading to understand about our successful working process with a customer.

About our client

A famous business acquisition entrepreneur based in the UK approached us. The major focus was on using the experience of the past acquisitions or mergers and finding new acquisition candidates. The client has a team that collects the names of the business owners, their company names, email addresses, contact numbers etc. Small and medium businesses having no online presence were their targets.

After the process of validating the information,

  • The client contacts each business owner
  • Carries out business negotiations and
  • Purchases the business if considered profitable.

They were on the lookout for the best data cleansing service providers. They needed efficient and highly affordable data cleansing in a quick turnaround time.


  • The client had a requirement for data cleansing and enrichment for a database of over 10000 contacts.
  • To identify new business opportunities ahead, they needed support for validation of the business owners as part of identifying new business opportunities.
  • We had to compare each contact record to the duplicates, addresses, contact numbers and email-ids.
  • Once the prospect’s information is validated, the client has to contact every business owner on the list and review the current scenarios of their business for acquisition.
  • A fast turnaround was expected from us.

ProGlobalBusinessSolutions (PGBS), with its vast experience and extensive data cleansing services, was selected by the client among a huge list of service providers.

Our Approach

We were keen on information accuracy with an advanced cleansing strategy ensuring information security and confidentiality. We focus mainly on data accuracy, and that’s why we have been the first choice for most off our customers.

To complete the project on time and with accuracy, we assigned a team including five data management specialists to work exclusively on this project.

  • There was a large volume of data to be enriched.
  • So we decided to provide a free trial by validating 100 client records in a single day. The test team included one research specialist and an account manager.

The completed trial validation was sent back to the client. We sent it in the format specified by the client (Excel format). The client was asked to verify the trial record and categorize it into Yes and no. The client gave the feedback, and we incorporated the changes instantly. As a result, we completed the trial successfully in one single working day.

  • Our trained team was given a brief understanding of the client’s requirement to ensure 100% dedicated effort.
  • The project’s scope was a real challenge faced by the team as the turnaround time was too short.
  • We used specific tools to validate email addresses and contact numbers.
  • An authentic enrichment process was carried out to correct all the inaccurate email addresses.
  • While validating the data we came across several incorrect data, which we cleansed and eliminated it from the database.
  • Our team started with the data enrichment and validation process with a team of trained and talented data management specialists.

We have the quality assurance team responsible for the final quality checks during various project stages. In this project, they played a crucial role in ensuring all the duplicates were deleted. They also tested each record for accuracy and ensured that the project matched the quality benchmark.

Final Results

The client was very happy with the phenomenal accuracy of the data validation done by our team. The client acknowledged our team for the fast turnaround and the accurate validation of the data.

Our team effort helped scale up the requirement even if there were fluctuations every week. Dedicated account managers, creative and skilled resources, and decades of experience helped us provide successful outsourcing solutions to the client.

Do you have any data cleaning requirements? Our data cleansing process will ensure

  • Importing unclean data into our cleansing system
  • Merging it from different sources
  • Standardizing them
  • Verifying, cleaning and enriching database
  • Finally exporting the clean output.

Connect with us, and let’s discuss the strategy for your business.

Client Appreciation

A cheerful team dedicated to their goal with perfection. They helped us get precise outputs which gave us a highly accurate database. We used that database for connecting with the prospects and it has encouraged us to rely on PGBS for our future projects. More than happy to recommend their data team.

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