Who was the client?

PGBS was approached by one of the leading photocopier companies with serious customer service issues that began to affect their business. We were able to learn that the customer satisfaction levels of the client have suffered astoundingly as their call abandonment rate reached a worryingly whooping rate of 38-42% on an average. As the customers were not able to get their queries answered as expected their customer satisfaction levels slumped by more than 55%. When we were approached, the client was really concerned about the ongoing situation and wanted to get the support of an inbound call center process provider who can help them overcome the challenging situation.

inbound tech support case study

The requirements of the client

In order to understand the requirements of the client comprehensively, we carried out an extensive, yet quick, analysis of the situation. It helped us realize the following issues to be addressed during the execution of the project.

  • The technical and talent infrastructure of the existing inbound call center process fell short considerably.
  • The call center agents of the provider were not adequately trained and lacked the domain expertise and knowledge of the niche field.
  • The inbound tech support service platform used by the existing service provided was not a robust platform capable of sustaining an excellent inbound process for BPO.

After thoroughly understanding the inbound tech support services requirements of the client, we were able to create an exceptional inbound call center services strategy to meet the requirements.

The solution we formed

As an experienced inbound call center provider, we envisaged a robust and scalable inbound process for BPO to meet their requirements without compromising on the quality levels expected by the clients. The primary objective of the project was to reduce the call abandonment rate of the client and then to gradually increase the satisfaction levels of the clients.

We executed the project in the following manner;

  • In order to meet the client customer service requirements, we formed two teams in the first phase to attend all the calls of the client’s customers.
  • The team was given rigorous training in the domain to ensure that the queries of the clients are answered at the first point of contact itself.
  • We leveraged the capabilities of multiple platforms to ensure that the customers of the client are able to get their queries resolved as quickly as possible.
  • We effectively used WFM and multiple-shifts to support all the contacts of the client’s customers throughout the day.
  • In case of calls that were dropped, we formed a team to provide exclusive callbacks to the customers and to enquire about their concerns and solve them.
  • We also created a system where the customers who stayed on the line more than three-and-half minutes were sent to voice mail services.
  • Throughout the project execution, we extensively utilized our experience in executing a range of inbound call center projects to persistently polish, improve, resolve and bolster the customer service processes of the client.

The outcome of the project

Within a short span of time, we addressed the primary concerns of the clients effectively. We reduced the call abandonment rate to the range of 7-5% on an average and the satisfaction levels of the clients were picked up to a strong 93%. The team was appreciated by the client for the excellent service rendered and continued to hire our inbound tech support services ever since.

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