logo victorization services


A start-up company based in Canada providing web development, branding and complete marketing services contacted us.


PGBS was contacted by them as they needed an experienced partner, who could provide them a professional logo design along with design for the business card, letterhead, and banners. Also, they needed the logo to be vectored.

Project challenges:

The time we had for all the work was a mere 24 hours. Being a start-up they had too many concerns and alleviating them itself was a time-consuming task; they were too skeptical and in dilemma regarding their suggestions and even expectations. Besides, to create a logo, letterhead, and banners, etc., it was crucial to completely understand the values and vision of the company which was again arduous.   Also, as the matter was closely related to the initial business branding, we had to allocate the right people with relevant experience in designing custom logos and illustrations to assure the best results for the client.


We soon arranged a meeting of creative heads and they suggested three experienced professionals to form a team exclusively for this project.  The team after a brainstorm session quickly crafted 3 sample logos and submitted to mark the start of project. It was during this trial period that we understood exact business nature, products and services offered, their USPs, client requirements and expectations. Thus, we precisely visualized a professional and impressive logo representing complete company provisions perfectly. Post approval of the logo, we made use of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for vectoring the logo and designing banners and letterheads.

Our quality control and assurance team did multiple rounds of checking for ensuring that the guidelines from client were faultlessly met. We sent the final files in both PDF and JPEG for review. Some minor alterations were suggested and our team quickly did the needful editing. 


PGBS swiftly and accurately completed the project while adhering to the specific guidelines of the client. The accuracy level was 100% and we submitted the whole work within 18 hours of commitment.

This made the client extremely satisfied and delighted. Soon after this, he assigned a new project to our team and in fact a new business relationship started. They initiated outsourcing a king part of their graphic designing services related requirements to us and the relationship still continues.

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