At PGBS, we associate design teams with our clients in order to convert various concepts, hand-drawn illustrations, mockups and all other 2D drawings into various befitting 3D models enabling to drive better reviews of the same and comprehend the design intended more precisely. Professionally experienced and trained professionals endeavor strenuously to file the legacy fraction of the client through mechanical 3d drawing, which allows for considerable reduction of development time of 3D models.

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Having more than a decade of unmatched experience in providing exceptional value-based solutions to a large base of clients from different industry verticals, we have become one of the most preferred 3D modeling services providers. Our service offerings are carefully designed to enhance our client’s production processes with quick revisions and all the required viability assessments well in advance of the manufacturing processes.

We have in place several service models for 3D assembly that can strategically provide the partner team with better opportunities to plan and execute various phases during the development cycle leading to reduced cost for tooling.

Our Mechanical Engineering Design Services 

We have brought in a wide array of technology-driven and unique solutions that can match even the most unique requirements of our clients from various industry sectors.

  • 3D Solid Modeling

    Our 3d solid modeling services serve to create 3D models for various large, small and even highly complex mechanical components and parts in order to enhance several designs detailing and development activities. Our services also are capable of developing extensive design revisions and improving all the communication and visualization activities associated with the product designs.

  • Large Assembly Design

    We are fortified to develop all necessary 3D models apt for several large assembly designs in filing large design information, accelerating the process of designing and providing for swift synopses. We have our mechanical 3d modeling services planned to deliver effortless large design editing and plan for various downstream manufacturing phases.

  • Sheet Metal Design

    Our sheet metal design services facilitate sheet metal designing professionals to

    • Accelerate the design process of sheet metals.
    • Provide better flexibility in editing or revising the design.
    • Quickly create flat patterns that are CAM-ready DXF that includes end compensation, as well.
    • Calculate the cost of sheet metal manufacturing, accurately.
  • Frame and Weldment Design

    Being one of the best 3d modeling companies in India, we have a professionally fortified partner team capable to create accurate models for all type of bases, frames, and welded structures to generate all the necessary cut lists and related manufacturing documentation.  Our partner team will also work closely with the clients to enhance the accuracy of the welded assembly-designs.

  • Piping and Tubing Design

    We have been providing incredibly efficient piping and tubing design services to our clients from different verticals of various industries in order to efficiently assemble, operate, serve and improve the process of manufacturing with precise BOMs, cut lengths and bend tables. Outsource 3d modeling projects to us and drive exceptional value for the investments made.

  • Electrical Cable Harness and Conduit Design

    We take advantage of various technology-driven and robust software programs. We strive hard to constantly design exceptionally efficient conduit and electrical cable harnesses designs in order to accelerate routing for several cables, electrical wires, conduit assemblies, and harnesses. We also have the capabilities to expedite the process of manufacturing and to enhance efficient product assembly and impeccable service deliverance, at all times.

3D mechanical drafting and modeling working methodology

Working in the domain for a long time now, we realize that the requirements of clients significantly vary and no two have the same needs or preferences. Owing to the same, at PGBS, we follow a strategic process catering to the precise and specific requirement of clients. The mechanical design services process can be concisely brought down as follows

  • Initiation of the project: We start by finalizing the project scope, output as well as tool definition.
  • Designing: A digital mockup is created, feedback on the mockup is received and the final mockup is created.
  • Testing: Models are validated
  • Delivery: We conclude by converting to the needed format.

Exceptional benefits that we guarantee

  • Apex quality visualization of prototypes can be obtained by which enhanced designs can be provided.
  • We stay in line with client’s guidelines while keeping our pricing reasonable and cost-effective.
  • We have put in the advanced infrastructure to facilitate seamless delivery and support that meet all time zones.
  • Most sophisticated tools and technologies are leveraged.
  • We ensure precise virtual setting and hassle-free, the swift transition to the production floor.

Industries in which we serve

  • Building products
  • Furniture manufacturing
  • Architectural and structural sheet metal
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Heavy machinery
  • Medical devices
  • Automotive OEM and Ancillaries
  • Power & Utility

We have skillfully woven impeccable quality assessment systems and service standards to our service offerings to make sure that all our clients are provided accurately with everything they require to make their efforts bear fruits just like they envisaged and conceived.

Do you have any need for accurately crafted mechanical 3d models? Have any queries? Reach our 3d mechanical design service company and let’s discuss.


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