You may have perfected a picture to look great onscreen. But when printed, the resulting picture many times may not be of expected quality due to a number of factors. By following undermentioned photo editing tips, you can definitely enhance your picture output quality by a huge margin.


  1. Shifting of color space from sRGB to Adobe RGB

Adobe by default uses the richer sRGB color space which is too vibrant for printing results to match. We can narrow it to the Adobe RGB which will perfectly reduce the out-of-gamut colors. For changing the color space go to Edit>Color Settings. Choose the profile which best matches your locations from the given list so that Adobe Red Green Blue will be activated. Don’t deselect the profile Mismatch boxes.

  1. Embedded Profile Conversion

After the file to be printed is ready, check the color profile and you will find that it uses the monitor friendly sRGB color space. An option to convert document’s colors to the working space will be shown in option. Please go ahead with the same and click Ok.

  1. Gamut Warning

Even after color profile modification and profile conversion there may be colors that are unacceptable for the printer. To find those you can choose View>Gamut Warning. Colors that are yet to be discovered during printing will be displayed in patches of grey. Color saturation reduction is an applicable technique and can be achieved using a vibrance adjustment layer. The output will lack any grey patches but other colors will look a bit dull.

  1. Mode conversion to reduce dullness

You can choose CMYK color from Mode menu to force CMYK mode color space active. This reduces gamut warning patches. Now revert to RGB color and see the difference. Conversion of RGB to CMYK using Photoshop and vice versa is very efficient.

  1. Vibrance adjustment for final touch

Finally, you can make use of the vibrance adjustment layer to improve upon saturation, this time note that there are no production warnings.

These photo editing tips will surely come handy when you have to print pictures without compromising details.