PGBS has been a leading provider of architectural 3D designs services for many years. We have assisted several clients in sketching accurate commercial building floor plans.

We know that real estate floor plans are a vital part of any construction project. They help investors see what the building will look like when it’s done and can be used to showcase properties for sale before they are even completed. The ability to visualize how their future living space might appear is an exciting prospect that many buyers find to be appealing.

With our expertise and experience, we help you visualize high-quality design in real time. Start discovering the stunning outcomes with our top-grade services.

Why include a commercial real estate floor plan?

  • 3D Visualization

    Your potential customers might want to see a detailed blueprint on how to utilize the space.

  • Engage your leads.

    More than 90% of buyers like to spend time visualizing and looking at your listing if it includes a floor plan.

  • Cultivate 30% more interest.

    Don’t risk losing prospects because 2 out of 10 people would likely ignore your commercial listing if it does not include a comprehensive blueprint.

Types of real estate floor plans that you can expect from us

  • Standard Commercial Floor Plans

    A standard 2D building plans can help your customers get the best out of properties. Our 2D industrial house plans would showcase all the interior layout or the entire property, where you can even visualize parking space and other outdoor areas.

  • Black and White

    A two-dimensional black-and-white scheme is a great choice for your property listing. This type of retail floorplan is perfect for interior proposals, building applications, and other commercial listings. You can also add relevant information regarding orientation, dimensions, etc

  • 3D Full Color

    Develop a precise visualization of your property that satisfies the buyers’ intentions by using full color 3D effects and let your clients feel as if they are walking through the interior space. Our 3D floor plan design services will demonstrate the essential elements of your property and attract high-end clients.

  • Top View 3D Plans

    Top view 3D plans provide a clearer perspective to make decisions about space usage. In addition, this type allows you to include upholstery and other pieces of furniture to exhibit how the space looks like after getting furnished. It is currently an impressive addition to list your properties and illustrate the use of an interior

  • Isometric 3D Floor Design

    It is a type of commercial blueprint or architectural design drawing which represents an elevation from the third dimension. Isometric projections are used for producing realistic illustrations of 3D objects when the object cannot be easily rotated into the desired orientation for projection.

  • Custom 3D Floor Blueprint

    We offer 3D design settings to help you customize your property. With our customized settings, you can create any style with different looks by collaborating with our 3D artists.

Benefits of partnering with PGBS for real estate floor plans

Architectural floor plans provide various advantages to owners, including detailed specifications that are carried over into the finished product. We can quickly create scale versions photocopied for contractors and designers instead of a scale model. You can also estimate the cost for every element on all levels and include an entire set of construction drawings for every aspect from plumbing to electricity.

It is not just useful for marketing the properties that you offer, but it will also help you and your customers to decide how to best use the space. Here is why our service can help you maintain your property listings:

  • High-Quality Services
    We are quality conscious when it comes to executing floor plan rendering. With the right technology and software, we deliver the expected results for each project.
  • Quick Delivery
    We allocate the right resources and give priority to each project regardless of your high-end requirements. In addition, our team works consistently to ensure the lowest delivery time.
  • Data Security
    We take data security seriously. Our team has the expertise necessary for safeguarding your confidential data against data breach incidents while adhering to all regulatory guidelines.
  • Realistic 3D Rendering
    We can create large floor plans that look realistic. With the right implementation of technology and graphics, we ensure to exceed your expectations.

Why outsource commercial building plans to PGBS?

PGBS is a reliable and trusted brand for companies that need a hand in creating store floor plans. Our services are committed to creating clear and attractive designs that can help real estate businesses to close deals faster.

We undertake projects no matter how large or small they are. You can leverage our services to create commercial plans that can help you gain a strong foothold in the market.

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