360-degree panoramic photographs have become easily possible with the use of advanced technology. PGBS in India offers exceptional 360 degree panorama photo stitching service for the clients, especially those in the real estate industry. With 360 panorama photographs, it is possible to get a clear picture of any place, property or location. The credit for panoramic photographs goes to the photo stitching technique that takes the target market near to reality.

360 Degree Panorama Services

Image Stitching Services

Image Stitching Services at PGBS

Our experienced panoramic photo editors begin the stitching process by combining the series of photographs and retouches them to give a panoramic view. These seamless images look beautiful and make the property appear out of the ordinary. A complex and highly skilled technique, photo stitching requires experts’ knowledge and understanding to give the best 360-degree panorama photo stitching services which experts at our office have in abundance. Our solutions include both auto and batch stitching.

Our 360-degree panorama photo stitching services include

We use the best-in-class software and processes with stitching, taking good care of them, and preventing them from any kind of damages. Our specialty is offering the highest possible image resolution HDR while balancing the white, offering color corrections, stitching several panoramas horizontal or vertical, sharpening the panorama points, removing hazes or ghosts, and more. Apart from these we also offer

  • Image blending: We can skillfully blend a sequence of images having varied exposures, focal point, brightness, contrast, quality, etc. to provide all the necessary detailing in the image to make it stand out from the crowd. By using our HDR image blending, clients can overcome the limitations of a single frame and get a longer exposure capturing the details of every photo.
  • 360 or 180-degree spherical editing: We are proficient in creating 360 and 180-degree spherical images that are highly appealing and can provide an immersive experience to the viewers. It enables them to explore new places or objects in all directions, just like they can do it in real life. For this, we employ the most advanced and latest image editing tools and techniques.
  • Fish-eye stitching: We can stitch multiple fish-eye images that are prone to severe distortions to produce a high-resolution image for providing a complete panoramic view to the audience regarding a specific object and its surroundings. Apart from this, our fish-eye image stitching services can also help viewers to control and navigate the object.
  • Inner and outer cylinder panorama: We can create highly appealing panoramas by stitching images inwards and outward respectively. Our inner cylinder panoramas help users to get the feeling of being inside a virtual world while our outer cylinder panoramas offer an illusion of standing over the virtual world.
  • Virtual tour creation: Our team specializes in creating engaging virtual tours for a location, let’s say a real estate property so that the potential customers get a real-time experience of virtually visiting a property. We can also include various multimedia elements such as text, music, sound, and narration to further enhance its appeal and attract more visitors.
  • HDR panoramas: We comprise a team of smart and efficient photo editors who can take the panoramic photos to the next level by leveraging the maximum potential of the sophisticated high dynamic range software and tools. Our HDR panorama photo stitching services are mostly used by real estate marketing and landscape photography studios.
  • 360-degree image enhancement: We pay attention to every detail as we use complex tools to perform 360-degree image enhancement, highlighting the best features of properties and eliminating all flaws in your 360-degree virtual tours. We make panoramas appear holistic, allowing viewers to gain an overall view of a property.

The Process of Photo Stitching Adopted by Us

Panoramic photo stitchers at PGBS excel at stitching 360 photos from the perspective of real estate. Seamless outputs are achieved through:

  • Working simultaneously with different input images
  • Blending the images into stitched collage through image editing software
  • Developing an all-inclusive panoramic image
  • Enhancing the appeal of the image by retouching the quality and applying effects

We offer panoramic photography stitching services for projects of all scales. Even when the real estate market experiences optimum sales, we accept stitching assignments and deliver the completed projects within committed schedules and with minimum capital.

Why outsource 360-degree panorama photo stitching services to PGBS?

Having multiple angle frames in one for a complete view gives a larger-than-life picture. These pictures make you believe more than just existing, giving a sense of wonderful experience. Today, many companies have significant applications for these, including aerial and street-view panoramas. Capturing the stream flowing from the snow-clad mountains and touching the clear blue sky in 360 panorama pictures can mesmerize you in awe of the natural beauty. Our image editing professionals bring you awe-inspiring results.

The demand for panoramic photo editing services is rising as prospective clients have become skeptical and desire to see a complete picture rather than a single view. Companies use this solution on their websites, brochures, and site hoardings to entice their clientele. One of the main reasons why various companies contact PGBS for panorama image stitching services is that we offer unmatched quality in real estate photo editing at affordable rates. We have a huge clientele from the real estate industry, including brokers, agents, property owners, advertisers, and others.

The advantages of outsourcing your photo stitching needs to PGBS are many. Broadly, you stand to benefit from

  • Pricing: Cost-competitive and flexible hiring modules
  • Expertise: Our extensive experience of editing scores of images for real estate and other verticals. In order to pull off optimum results, we employ a focused service methodology that ensures results as per your expectations and needs.
  • Sharing Updates: Each project is started after thoroughly mapping the aspirations of clients and aligning them with current real estate trends. Once the initial stitching phase is completed, images are shared with you to assess if they measure up to your specifications. Subsequently, the next stage would be initiated.
  • Sequence Prioritization: The input pictures are sequenced optimally by drawing from our experience and expertise. This ensures the strategic order of sequencing of finalized images, which would infallibly have the maximum impact on the audiences.
  • Enhancing Images: The quality, appeal, and aesthetic value of images are enhanced to render them more visually captivating. Seams are merged for an undistorted viewing experience. Color and lighting exposure are corrected, and blur and noise are reduced.
  • Quality Compliance: Our dedicated project manager ensures that quality is adhered to at each step of the workflow by scrutinizing each image for flawlessness and perfection. Any deviation observed is immediately set right for accurate outputs.
  • Handing Over of Project: After stringent quality checks, the final panoramic package would be sent to clients in multiple formats like jpeg, png, tiff, etc. over restricted FTP servers for maximum protection of sensitive information.

PGBS – Reliable Partner for Real Estate Photo Stitching and Editing Services

At PGBS, we have state-of-the art infrastructure and cutting-edge resources needed to comply with the strict requirements of image stitching projects. We use high-resolution devices and contemporary software for real estate image enhancement and stitching for brilliant results that would drive desired business volumes for clients.

Every final image output at our company undergoes stringent quality control checks by experts in the field. PGBS, among the premier outsourcing companies in India, understands the value of time and hence offers excellent image editing services within stipulated deadlines.

We are among the best real estate photo retouching companies provides diverse services including color cast removal, image decluttering and more to enhance interior and exterior photographs.

Experience our exceptional 360-degree panorama stitching services and make a great impression on your clients.

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Client Testimonials

Really happy that I outsourced my project to PGBS. The photographs were edited with perfection and they looked completely natural. I also got the images within the given timeline. Thank you so much for your assistance!

Realtor, Switzerland

I am very happy with the outputs. The quality was amazing, customer service was excellent, and the turnaround time was super fast. A huge thanks to the whole team of PGBS!

Owner, Real estate firm, Hungary

I recently opted for their services for panorama photo stitching. I sent raw and unprocessed images to them. The work was to stitch the images as well as improve their quality and looks. To my surprise, the stitching was done very carefully and the photographs looked truly amazing. Would love to work with them again!

Real estate photographer, Denmark
Stun your clients with impossibly blended images with the help of experts. With our precisely conceived 360 panorama stitching in India, bring your clients right into the virtual world of your properties in offer.