CATI research is a simple process which allows interviewers to take the phone and start asking questions. Asking the right question to the right person at the right time is very necessary. It requires not mere skill, but also certain level of consistency and accuracy.


CATI, many times referred as computer telephone interviewing has always enabled the collection of reliable data by those who are really efficient and professionals. The level of curiosity and alertness such executives provide is impeccable. They will be alert while replying and listening to questions. Also their tone and mode of speaking will be understandable and clear to everyone. The growing concept of CATI services is being exploited by a lot of companies.

Three skills that assure maximum benefits of CATI research are discussed below:

First Impression is and will always be the best

Briefing about the context of the interview will be a good way to start a communication channel in between you and the interviewee. This helps the participants to be ready and prepared to answer your questions. Also it is a good time to check their mood and willingness to respond to your questions. If you are able to make the interviewee answer questions and take part in the interview session, then you are a great interviewer.

Read Carefully

Questions which are asked in telephonic interviewing sessions always require frequent modifications and a company availing CATI services is aware of this fact. Voice and speech modifications require constant alteration. It is not about valuating the structuring or formulation but depending on the question pattern and its stability. A simple substitution like could in the place of would can cause drastic changes in the reply that is received.

Don’t be overwhelmed. Stay relaxed

At times you may receive biased answers which may or may not be negative. A good interviewer should be neutral with his replies. There should be no negative or positive wordings which an interviewee can take for granted. Political polls and hot issues also require you to conceal your opinion. CATI research companies provide on page services for companies that require professional assistance. It is to be noted that information which is collected needs to be unbiased and for that you have to stay within the limits of a good interviewer.

The impact of telephonic interviewing has reached new heights even after considering the fact that online surveys are more cost efficient. If you follow the above commendations, CATI surveys can be of great help.