When you own a business or are an entrepreneur, it already establishes the fact that you are self-reliant and self-made. You must be having the resilience to deal with the ups and downs but what about the daily workload?

Your clock allows you only 24 hours to finish the task at hand. But there must have been situations when you ran out of time or had burnout and thought, “Do I need a virtual assistant?” for my business.

signs your business needs a virtual assistant

In this blog, you get some of the indications that your business need a virtual assistant.

Who needs a virtual assistant?

  • If you are an entrepreneur.
  • If you are new to your business and are unable to handle it with the existing strength of employees.
  • If you are thinking of expanding your business but cost-effectively.
  • If you want to focus on managing the major tasks which will boost your sales.

Top 15 indications that you need a virtual assistant

Here’s a list of the top 15 indications to help you know when to hire a virtual assistant. Most of these signs are commonly found in business owners and entrepreneurs but they often fail to realize them. You might even find some of them existing in you too. Now let us see what they are:

  1. When you are completely new in the market and are missing out on many opportunities due to mismanagement of time and work.
  2. When you get overburdened by administrative work and cannot focus on other tasks that could potentially grow your business.
  3. You already have an established business and have plans to launch new products or services or open a new unit.
  4. You have a well-running business, but your expertise is limited to a few tasks. However, you are trying hard to accomplish them but are still unsuccessful.
  5. When you cannot prioritize the urgency of the tasks and fail to meet the deadlines.
  6. Your well-established business is going through a rough patch, and you need to boost it in a pocket-friendly way.
  7. When you struggle to take, follow up, and get back to clients and end up losing them in the process.
  8. You are taking up projects but unable to deliver them on time or are completely unable to take up new projects due to the existing workload.
  9. If you find it hard to ace the social media game or are unfamiliar with the use of its features like reels, hashtags, videos, content, etc.
  10. If you are suffering from prolonged health issues or if your mental and physical health is a potential barrier to the growth of your business.
  11. Your business is running smoothly, but you cannot maintain the work-life balance and fail to meet family expectations.
  12. You are unable to rent an office space and or hire full-time employees.
  13. When you feel the pressure is unbearable and your body and mind are getting over-stressed.
  14. You feel less-enthusiastic about expanding your clientele or taking your business further.
  15. The competitive market is not letting you stay ahead with your business plan and you are lagging behind.

List of virtual assistant tasks

Here’s a list of some of the general virtual assistant tasks :

  • Attending, following up and solving client queries through phone calls, emails and chats.
  • Managing every data related to the business (data entry and management operations).
  • Making cold calls.
  • Set the calendar based on the priorities of the events and tasks.
  • Schedule meetings and appointments.
  • Preparing the MOM (Moments of Meeting).
  • Write advertisements and content related to promotions like promotional emails, social media marketing, etc.
  • Maintain and manage accounts.
  • Market research and business development.
  • Creating graphic designs for various purpose.
  • Creating weekly, monthly and annual reports on sales, expenditures and profits.

Apart from these, slide preparation and presentation, recruit employees based on research and analysis, taking bookings, managing social media posts and proofreading legal documents are some of the other virtual assistant tasks.

What are the qualities you should consider while hiring a virtual assistant?

The basic qualities business owners demand while hiring virtual assistants are:

  • Reliability

    The most sought-after quality of a VA is his reliability and integrity. The owners always seek VAs on whom they can rely with all the confidential business data.

  • Good communicators

    Be it email or over the call, the growth of a business depends a lot on how a VA communicates with clients. The tone, the choice of words, everything counts.

  • Fast learner and proactive

    Virtual assistants are responsible for managing several tasks within a small time frame. The more proactive the VA, the more profitable it will be for the business.

  • Multi-taskers

    Efficient VAs with the ability to perform many tasks simultaneously with making as less mistakes as possible are most desired for any business.

  • Resilient

    Being a multi-tasker VA is just not enough. They must be able to handle the work pressure too. Mostly experienced VAs can demonstrate this skill.

To sum up!

Virtual assistants are a boon when it comes to handling and streamlining business needs. Being the sole proprietor of your business, only you know when to hire a virtual assistant.

If you aim to make a mark in the market, outsourcing your administrative and other tasks to virtual assistant companies is something you should always consider. They come with years of expertise in dealing with VAs of all types and know exactly what to deliver.

You might find abundant options in the market but can only get what you need with reputed virtual assistant company. You can find many affordable virtual assistant service firms on the internet but never forget to keep the things mentioned above in mind before selecting one.

Hope this blog can give you some idea of when to hire a virtual assistant and help you make informed decisions while hiring a service. That’s it for this one; follow us for more!