Designers come up with innovative strategies for designing website interfaces. The visual impact of the design has an immense influence in keeping the visitors engaged. Therefore, you would want your website user interface design to be attractive and vibrant. Designers often face the challenge of making these designs stand apart from the crowd. Competition in the virtual space in business is high. You need a seamless design of your website interface to reach out to the potential customer bases. A carefully designed interface, with in-depth details, can bolster your business. Evidently, designers need to adhere to the good user interface design principles, which enables them to make these interfaces appealing.

While designing the website interface, you need to follow certain rules. Designers usually look forward to crafting a single design, that can fit all the screens. Here, you will come across eight UI design tips, that will help you in creating a powerful interface for your website.

Important UI design best practices you will find beneficial

Try to be consistent

website typography

Impact of Typography & Colour

Being consistent while designing the interfaces indicates using the same patterns of designs and same action sequences in similar circumstances. This is applicable for typography, colour, terminology in the screens, menus and commands throughout the process. When you use the same design elements under similar situations, you will be able to finish the task faster and it will enhance the productivity.

Allowing regular users to use shortcuts

website shortcuts

Website Shortcuts For Regular Users

You may integrate certain shortcut features in the interface design for the regular users. This will save their time and ease up the operational process to a great extent. Shortcuts can be created for function keys, abbreviations, hidden commands and macro facilities.

Informative feedback

website process flow

Website Process Information

Customers expect the designer to integrate the necessary features in the design, that enable them to get the necessary feedback from time to time. You need to keep them informed about the actions in every stage through meaningful, clear and relevant feedback.

Designing dialogues

Dialog Box

Dialog Box

Every sequence and action has got a start, middle and end. After completing a task, you can provide your viewers with a relaxation or peace of mind by disseminating informative feedback to them. You can also provide them with information on the next stage. Customers seek high-quality web design services from the experts, so make sure that you design these dialogues for them.

Sample error handling

Form Error Messages

Form Error Messages

A good interface must be designed in such a way, that errors are minimized as far as possible. However, in case an error shows up, the user must be able to resolve it easily. You need to display notifications for clear errors, besides providing the users with guidelines regarding how to solve the issue.

Reversal of actions

providing undo option for particular actions

Undo Particular Actions

The designers need to allow easy reversal of particular actions taken by the users. They should have the ‘undo’ option, in case they want to go back to the previous stage. Often, the users take a wrong move and want to go back to the previous stage. In these cases, they should be able to easily reverse their actions. The experts working with the leading web designing companies have a comprehensive knowledge on the elements of website user interface design. They make it easy for the users to reverse their actions, in case they want to get back to the previous page.

Supporting internal control locus

user control of actions

Control Of Actions

The users should have the freedom, giving them a sensation that they are in control of the system. Therefore, make sure that they do not experience interruptions, surprises or anything that they had not initiated. You should design the interface in such a way, that the users initiate actions, and simply not respond to whatever comes up to them.

Reducing short-term load on memory

easy user interface

Easy UI

As a designer, you should remember that the attention span of your users is short and you need to make the task easier for them. In general, they find it easier to recognize a data, than to recall it all together. Therefore, try to keep your interface consistent and simple. Stick to the patterns, conversations, and standards, which ensures a better recognition and eases up the use.

Besides, you can integrate certain features for the users, depending on their needs. For instance, an eCommerce website should have a lost of items that had been recently purchased or viewed.

Creating an interface easy to navigate

Easy Website Navigation

Easy Website Navigation

Your users should find the navigation of your website self-evident and clear. You need to keep it simple and easy to understand. Even in a B2B environment, the users should not be intimidated by products loaded by features. A designer should help the users contextualize where they are on the website and guide them what steps to take next. The reputed companies providing website redesign services incorporate the following strategies in creating the interface.

Providing visual cues

Usage Of Visual Designs

Usage Of Visual Designs

It is important to incorporate visual cues in the interface, as they remind users to take certain actions. They can seamlessly navigate through the interface, as they come across these visual cues. These include various visual aids like page titles and highlights for navigation options that had been currently selected. This will help the users to understand their present position in the interface.


predictability of users


You need to provide certain cues to the users, that will assist them in predicting the results of a particular action. They should easily be able to understand what keys they need to press for the subsequent processes. The function of each button should be clear to them.


The guidelines presented above will guide you in the right direction when you design an interface for the users. This enhances the usability of your website to a great extent. These principles are applicable for most of the interfaces in websites. The experts at the top web designing companies integrate the necessary features in the websites, simplifying the navigation process for the users. If you need a professional support for designing your website, you can get across to us. At PGBS, we bring you a tailored solution for designing website interfaces. Have a consultation with us regarding your website interface designing requirement.

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