Designers as well as manufacturers of furniture can now leverage the potential of 3D technology to make their prototypes appear more realistic. This assures more accuracy, reduced iterations, lesser production cost and ultimately more productivity.

3D Furniture Modeling Services

We are into the field of 3D furniture modeling for years now and our skills in the same are testified by the satisfaction of lots of furniture manufacturers and designers worldwide. Our experts can convert even the most complex of furniture concepts into flawless high and low poly three dimensional versions. You just have to provide us a 2D image or even a sketch or rough scribble. We will take care of the rest. We can transform any concept into perfect 3D models by integrating functionality and aesthetics seamlessly.

Our service inclusions in 3D modeling of furniture

PGBS always strives to stay ahead and in the vanguard by being acquainted with latest trends and techniques in the domain of furniture modeling and designing. Over the years, we have worked with varied furniture types and in close association with countless furniture designers as well as manufacturers.  Our assistance can help those involved to realize fixtures and fittings that enhances productivity and elevates the appeal of work environment while keeping an eye of space consumption. The expertise garnered by us helps us to create 3D furniture models for varied sectors. Few among them are


With equal focus on aesthetics and functionality, the range of this provision covers kitchen, poolside and garden furniture. Different capabilities are needed by each of them which include an idea of basic ergonomics and space management.


In this sector, comfort and space management aspects are most crucial. We come up with ergonomic designs that effectively manage space and exhibit great level of usability.


Having a proper and well-defined floor map, generally furniture in industrial area are most of the time permanent fixtures. Thus space has to be utilized minimally while retaining its usability, rigidity and convenience; we are experts in this.


Space is a huge concern nowadays. Understanding the same, we focus on maximizing storage space while combining space, utility and usability.


Strength, functionality and comfort matters the most when it comes to furniture design for clinical requirements and hospital life. Usability and space management too have to be kept in mind and our 3d design services India based company exactly does the same.


This is an area in which creativity has a vital role to play. We work together with designers and support them to innovatively get involved in the process to ensure furniture availing usability, practicality and functionality.

Advantages you enjoy by hiring us for your furniture 3D design

Blueprints have waned away and everyone these days prefer 3D representations that are realistic to perfectly reflect how furniture would look like when manufactured. However, the depressing fact is that not all the companies have time or resources to carry out the creation of 3D models in-house. This is where our experience and experience emerge as the ideal savior for you. Enormous benefits are there when you outsource your 3D modeling services related requirements in this regard to us. Have a glance on few most relevant ones

  • We go for the most modern ways by completely replacing traditional methods while staying cost-effective.
  • Our solutions are innovative and stay in line with your exact requirements to meet the definite business goals.
  • You can design any model or type with our support in the form of exceptional 3D furniture design
  • Various elements including furniture orientation, shape, space, direction and location can be manipulated.
  • You can change and see the textures, styles and scenes without any physical rebuilding; this saves time.
  • Prototypes can be made ready faster and easier after all needed alteration and approval sessions.
  • We guarantee highest quality outputs within shortest possible turnaround time.
  • Whatever details you hand over to us, we keep them safe through proven techniques.

Our experts make use of most advanced 3D modeling software programs

To ensure remarkable class of custom 3d modeling services, it is imperative to have inventiveness, specificity and accuracy in place. Having a team that knows to optimally utilize best features of the perfect blend of tools and software programs, we are able to meticulously craft models that bring your concepts in life, effortlessly. Some of the major software programs we use are

  • AutoCAD
  • 3DS Max
  • SketchUp
  • Revit
  • Maya

The 11 step 3D furniture modeling methodology we follow

  1. We define the work scope and ensure complete availability of details.
  2. Our team communicates time for completion and costs that would be incurred.
  3. Project manager gets engaged and frames the best team encompassing ideal resources.
  4. Drawings are received from the client and concept is comprehended.
  5. Furniture is designed and model is pre-visualized based on requirements of client.
  6. Followed by this, 2D drawing is transformed to 3D models by our art team.
  7. Then color and texture is added post which light properties are defined.
  8. Outputs are shared with client and feedback regarding design is gathered.
  9. Changes are made as per feedback and furniture model is cleaned up.
  10. Multiple phases of thorough quality checks and assurance processes are carried out.
  11. We execute our 3D rendering services and final model is generated.
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