At PGBS, we provide complete support to real estate industries with our comprehensive architectural 3D modeling and rendering services. Most importantly, we help companies save time and avoid financial drainage with our steadfast services.

From prototyping models to visualizing planned structures, 3D modeling can leverage your business with a vast array of benefits. 3D modeling has bolstered the operational infrastructure of construction firms, enabling them to provide a better view of the proposed structures to their clients. Your customers can preview the designs before finalizing their decision.

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How can our experts assist you?

Making optimal utilization of apposite 3D technology, we can help you provide better quality services to your clients. Our designers are seasoned professionals and can help you in providing your clients with a vast range of ideas. We design different variations of a plan, increasing the number of options that your customers can choose from. After visualizing these plans, your customers may want to incorporate certain changes to customize these designs. Evidently, you can come up with a picture-perfect plan for your clients with our assistance.

Over the years, our 3d modeling company has collaborated with several international construction firms, builders, contractors, developers, interior designers, and architects. Our experts have gathered experience in various domains of the industry. From residential buildings to commercial ones and from hospitals to stadiums, we have established our professionalism in various areas. We also provide 3d furniture design to enhance the visual appeal of interior and exteriors of properties.

Our experts collaborate with these companies closely, catering to their requirement of individuality. Our track record is impressive, built up over several years of hard work and dedication. We value the relationship with our clients and tailor our 3d services to their maximum benefits. 

Explore our vast range of 3D architectural modeling services

1) Revit BIM 3D models

You may seek our assistance in creating Building Information Models (BIM). We execute Revit 3d BIM modeling for a wide range of projects, based on the requirements of our clients. It is possible to make the necessary changes in these models and customize the structure. A change in one of the elements in these plans results in corresponding changes in all related areas. Evidently, the modified look of the plan is visible through these models. We have been offering exceptional Revit 3D BIM Modeling Services for high rises in various countries and would be glad to assist you.

2) Point Cloud 3D BIM models

Our experts create accurate Building Information Models(BIM) by taking 3D laser scan information. You may approach us for creating BIM models from scans for already existing structures, where updated building plans are not available. In case you want to incorporate any changes in the existing building, like integrating false ceiling, our experts can be of help. We can provide you with an updated model with the proposed modifications incorporated in them.

3) 3D CAD building models

While creating the 3d cad building models, we consult with structural engineers, architects, and contractors. At the outset, our designers create the structural and architectural building models using two-dimensional layouts. Then the experts develop it further, integrating the specifications and standards. You may approach us for projects that last over an extended period to avail impeccable 3d cad modeling services. We will support you throughout the design and installation period, until the end of the project.

4) SketchUp models

At PGBS, we support our clients with SketchUp models architecture. You may need these throughout the design process, in all the stages. We have assisted various developers, architects and specialist users with these models, keeping them detailed or simple as required. We use sophisticated technology and updated software to develop these models.

5) 4D CAD building models

While creating the 3D models, we also incorporate the element of time. This makes it possible to make scheduling based on time. The project managers and contractors find these models extremely useful, as they are able to view the development over a period of time. This makes it possible for them to plan their budget and resources accordingly.

6) Revit family modeling and 3D CAD component modeling

You may approach us for modeling all types of fixtures, equipment, furniture, and fittings. This infuses the structures with a cohesive look, where the entire interior designing is incorporated in a pre-planned manner. Our experts have extensively worked upon these projects and can assist you to come up with innovative 3D construction drawings.

The CAD engineers working with us craft 3D models based on your ideas. This helps you to slash down development and manufacturing costs. We incorporate advanced CAD software to create prototypes of re-engineered parts, an architecture of houses and new tools. Our rates are reasonable and we even offer customized packages to ensure that everyone in need enjoys the benefits of associating with us.

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In light of the present scenario competition, it is logical to tie up with an established 3D modeling company that has the fortitude to provide you an edge over your competitors.


Count on us for architectural 3d rendering and modeling services to augment your productivity seamlessly.