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Inbound call center techniques

Companies offering order taking inbound call center services are continuously gaining importance as businesses have understood the relevance of maintaining customer relationships. Receiving and handling phone calls is the basic provision from inbound call center outsourcing companies in India. However it must be made sure that the Indian company to which you outsource must be [...]

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Inbound customer service- Finest practices

Typically, Indian contact centers are fortified with great infrastructure, qualified customer support executives, sophisticated technologies, advanced tools and best security solutions. The areas of expertise spans to the entire dimensions of client support that include multi-channel support through email, chat, voice, SMS and much more, both for outbound as well as inbound customer service. Call [...]

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5 valuable tips for enhancing the skills of call center staffs

The fact that typical call centers offer exceptional service to organizations cannot be left out while we discuss some of the important tips that can assist customer support representatives in delivering better service. Feedback service What lot of them offer but rarely achieve is timely feedback. Coaching personnel can educate the representatives on how to [...]

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5 tips for ensuring reliable call connectivity

Even a single call missed is revenue wasted when it comes to inbound contact centers. Proper connectivity is an important factor for productive inbound call center services because many customers tend to part with the service providers if they don’t respond adequately. Here we will list some major factors that cause blocked call and also [...]

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