Even a single call missed is revenue wasted when it comes to inbound contact centers. Proper connectivity is an important factor for productive inbound call center services because many customers tend to part with the service providers if they don’t respond adequately. Here we will list some major factors that cause blocked call and also tips on how to avoid them.

Setting the proprietary software to handle call volume

call volumes

One of the basic issues that causes blockage is the inability of the software used by inbound call center companies to handle volume. Heavy traffic often leads to blockage and subsequent loss of customer connectivity. Ensuring enough trunk and bandwidth availability is an important factor.

Call queuing facility

call queing

Before moving further, make sure that the contact center software supports queuing. An optimal number of inquiries must be allowed so that data about real time customers can be stored. Even for call backs sufficient data has to be stored. This is a very important tip.

Queuing callback and voicemail


If queues are successfully configured then queuing is the next important leap to ensure reliable connectivity with the customer. People who are busy and cannot wait in the queue can opt for a callback so that they will receive a call at a time convenient for them.

Forecasting improvisation


Developing the forecast data as of how many requests can be expected during the peak time will allow team managers to configure the work force as required. A workforce management system will work according to the data that is received from the forecast team. Forecasting is the next important tip after queuing.

Agent scheduling and training


Predicting the volume is important but managing your agents is much more important. Employing remote agents is a good option during peak hours. Those who are adept in handling queries make sure that the average handling time is met and more volume is handled during the period which results in better accuracy and less blockage when compared with traditional methods.

Busy centers will be heavily impacted by blockage so it is very important to handle the queries and forecast their occurrence. These tips to reduce blockage in inbound contact centers will surely help many professional call center service companies to achieve their expected level of success.