Analytics and reporting services when deployed in BPO’s help to assess the timely performance of both the service providing companies as whole and individual professionals. These reporting tools help business entrepreneurs to foresee requirements and take decisions accordingly. Some of the widely used reports and their uses are discussed here.

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Real time main report

A contact center analytics expert has access to real time campaign summaries that shows live data. Operation specific real-time report display information from single or multiple operations. It may include parameters like number of agents on requests, those on waiting, paused, calls missed, answered and in queue. The lead filter and statues to be dialed are also shown when a statistics report is taken. Inbound contact centers also have this option. When selected it will show inbound calls and activities on the selected operations.

Outbound statistics reporting

Outbound reports are very critical in assessing how your campaigns went so far. It is vital to check status of the goals that you have set. Summary of outbound dialing includes number of forecasts, dropped calls, their percentage and those which returned without an answer. Abandoned prospects and those which received a queue timeout should be processed specially to know which individual has rejected call and for the same call center reporting metrics prove to be useful.

Inbound statistics reporting

Call center analytics and reporting is crucial for organizations that rely on contact center advancement. Inbound campaigns require keeping a constant watch of the metrics and statistics provided in order to push service level or sales. Breakdown of various actions will help statistics to look more refined and cleaner. Total queue time and average queue time, custom indicators and breakdown in seconds, answered time and custom status breakdown are all shown in statistics which are reported.

Agent reporting

Agent reporting shows summary of all the data for a specific day or an interval. It is based on a single campaign or multiple campaigns. Agent time details shows metrics relating to the activity of a specific agent in comparison with others. Agent performance detail is yet another constraint which specifies relative performance of an agent with respect to others in the same shift/ time frame. Agent status detail though provides comprehensive performance report but it does not mention agent activity. This relative data fields helps to complete agent reporting tracking and assess the performance of an agent. Also read here few tips for enhancing the skills of call center staff.

For all responsible contact centers continuous and timely self- analysis is vital and its significance must never be overlooked.