Call centers all over the world have, for a long time, catered to only one or two language segments in the market. A majority of them still operate in only one language, which is most often English. However, a vast majority of people don’t speak English. In fact, it is the third most spoken language in the world.

Offering multilingual call center services is the best way to expand your business and increase your reach. It will also be easier for you to get clients who want to target audiences in other languages.

One such language is Spanish. There is a growing demand for Spanish speakers across the world, and for good reason. In this article, we will look at how Spanish call center services can help grow your multilingual call center business.

Why is Spanish language becoming popular among bilingual and multilingual call centers?

The Spanish language is becoming increasingly popular among companies looking to expand overseas. Even among businesses operating in the USA, there is a growing need for Spanish-speaking employees.

But why is Spanish language gaining popularity in the global market?

  • Spanish is the native language of about 488 million people in the world. This makes it the second-most spoken language in the world after Mandarin Chinese. English comes in a close third with 375 million native speakers.
  • Moreover, Spanish is the official language of 21 countries in Central and South America, Europe, and Africa. It is also popular in business, even though it comes in fourth place after English, French, and Arabic. It is even one of the six official languages of the United Nations. 
  • Adopting Spanish can open up markets in Latin America and other Spanish-speaking countries. Even if you don’t plan on expanding your call center business overseas, you can connect with a wider community and increase your market reach. Using this language can also help you improve your marketing efficiencies.
  • Additionally, a recent study found that the average brand loyalty index is 151 among Hispanic consumers. This means the Hispanic community has a higher tendency to be loyal to brands. Offering quality service and support in Spanish can result in a positive customer experience (CX) and deepen brand loyalty.
  • Spanish also opens up opportunities to compete with bigger brands in the market.

Industries that need Spanish language call support?

Multilingual call centers can promote better communication and understanding in various sectors. By adding Spanish to your roster of languages, you can cater to industries where there is a need to connect with the Hispanic community. 

Here are some industries in need of call centers that offer services in the Spanish language.

Banking, financial services, and insurance

The banking, financial services, and insurance industries face a lot of internal competition. With so many companies competing for the same target audience, business growth can take time and effort. 

One of their main goals is to expand their reach, generate leads, and convert them. Bilingual and multilingual call centers can help these businesses achieve these goals. Inbound and outbound call center services like customer support in Spanish can help them reach a wider audience.


The healthcare sector can also benefit greatly from Spanish call center services. Many Hispanic community members don’t seek medical attention due to a language barrier. Healthcare institutions are trying to bridge this gap with translators and interpreters.

Multilingual call centers can help Hispanics access better healthcare by improving communications. Spanish-speaking call center support staff can also help medical institutions:

  • Manage complaints, 
  • Schedule appointments, and 
  • Follow up on the patient’s specific needs.

Retail and eCommerce

Retail and eCommerce marketing relies heavily on being relatable and connecting with people. The best way to connect with people is to communicate with them in the language they know best. Spanish speakers account for around 6% of the world’s population, so using this language will improve marketing efforts.

Doing this helps businesses build brand loyalty among the Hispanic community.

Moreover, retail and eCommerce rely on call centers for personalized customer support. What better way to personalize your services than by communicating in a familiar language?

With the help of a multilingual call center, retail and eCommerce companies can offer many services in Spanish. These can include chat support and handling complaints, returns, refunds, telemarketing, and sales.


Telecom faces issues similar to the finance industry regarding the Hispanic community. Usually, most people have negative feelings when thinking about telecom customer support. That is because many people have gotten into arguments or had to interact with customer care too many times for the same issue.

Telecom companies can improve their reputation by teaming up with multilingual call centers. Outsourcing to these professional customer support service providers can:

  • Improve customer experience,
  • Reduce churn rates,  
  • Build brand loyalty, and
  • Increasing sales.

With Spanish call centers, telecom companies in the US and countries with a large Hispanic community can:

  • Improve market reach, 
  • Provide 24-hour service and technical support, and 
  • Handle incoming calls. 

Multilingual call centers can also support telecom companies with billing assistance and payments.

Energy and utility

Energy and utility companies can improve customer satisfaction and experience with bilingual support. This works wonders with customer interactions in countries with a large Spanish-speaking community. Multilingual call centers can help improve communication and conflict resolution with ease.

Call centers can also help with billing, complaint management, and 24/hour support. Outsourcing to these call centers also gives companies access to the latest infrastructure and technology for quality customer service and support.


Many educational institutions have students coming from all over the world. This is especially true for colleges and universities that top the global charts. Offering support in Spanish can help educational institutions improve communications with domestic and international students. It can also help them attract new students to enroll in their programs.

Apart from this, multilingual call centers can help enhance the enrollment experience. This is especially beneficial for educational institutions that cater to many international students.

Travel, tourism, and hospitality

The travel, tourism, and hospitality industries can benefit a lot from call centers offering services in Spanish. Businesses in this industry can use these services to:

  • Tap audiences in specific geographical areas,
  • Reduce operational costs, 
  • Strengthen customer relationships, and 
  • Expand operations.

Concluding thoughts

Over 590 million people worldwide speak the Spanish language. This number includes native and non-native speakers. Additionally, Spain’s University of Alcalá found that 21.2 million people study Spanish as a foreign language. It is also estimated that the total number of Spanish speakers will rise to 754 million people by 2050. This number includes both native speakers and Spanish learners.

Adding Spanish to your call center operations now will allow you to tap the existing demand. It will also help your multilingual call center business boom as the need for Spanish language services grows in the future.