Virtual assistants are highly skilled, high in demand professionals. Today virtual personal assistant services are one of the fastest-growing profiles in the corporate world and the profession is growing in centralized economies with “fly-in, fly-out” staffing practices; in fact most of the companies prefer to outsource the concerned requirements to India. PGBS among the top virtual assistant companies provides professional solutions helping you in daily administrative, technical or creative tasks remotely.

outsource Virtual Assistant Services

Best virtual assistant services

Best virtual assistant services

Our administrative VA will provide support such as customer care, responding to emails, answering phone calls, data entry, creating Excel spreadsheets or PowerPoint slides.

Our technical VA will provide support such as setting up your Word Press website, updating plug-ins, posting blog content or setting up your email newsletter; simply outsource to us.

Our creative VA may focus on outsourced projects that include graphic design work, locating images to be used on social media or blog posts.

Apart from the above our VA’s also support

Accounting & Bookkeeping
Correspondence Management
Travel and Hotel Reservations
Data Management Outsourcing
Event planning solutions
Market research solutions

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Meeting the needs of customers is one thing and it’s obviously the most vital necessity for any business. But being precise and well-timed in regard of accounting and bookkeeping too is equally important. For an entrepreneur not having a dedicated in-house staff to take care of the concerned functions, hiring a virtual assistant is highly recommended. VA will be dealing with all sorts of numerical data, ensure accuracy, prepare invoice and financial statements as well as carry out all needed accounting activities.

Social Media Management

In this scenario where world is getting more are more confined to digital screens and social media, ignoring the scope it offers keeps your business restricted. Users of social media websites are increasing daily and people value social media signals. You can connect with your existing customers and hunt for new ones in a more intense manner through social media. Usage of less formal and more personal tone is possible only via social media and you should make the most out of such a great opportunity. From creating social media profiles to branding and managing it, a virtual assistant can serve you impeccably.

Correspondence Management

Managing correspondence is a hectic task and you may also lack the best resources who master written communication skills. Correspondence management is to be executed with utmost professionalism and precision. To facilitate seamless and effective communication of your business with customers and vice-versa, relying on the 24/7 virtual assistant services from an expert can be extremely beneficial in many ways. Typically virtual assistants compose and respond back to mails. Besides they reply to the voicemails and even create great content for marketing and other purposes.

Desktop publishing services

The brand value and reputation of a company is significantly influenced by the content it shares through different media, let it be catalogues, brochures, pamphlets, publications or documents. DTP related tasks are thus crucial.  Hire a dedicated VA from PGBS who can help you in all these effectively. Experts here work as your own staff to help you with development of graphics, cover design creation, marketing material designing as well as DTP typesetting and photo editing. Also the cost of virtual assistant services for all these services are  very reasonable.

Travel and Hotel Reservations

When suddenly a client requires you to meet him in his office, you can’t simply pack your bags and leave. Making proper travel arrangement and hotel reservation is important for your comfort and even safety. At the same time, you have to prepare the presentations and do a lot of other things before shaking hands with the client. Leave the burden on to a virtual assistant. Our expert will take care of budget planning, do the needful bookings, provide timely reminders and everything else involved. Whether you are an individual freelancer, small business or a large enterprise we have best VAs to help you out.

Data Management Outsourcing

As your business grows, the data to be managed also increases. This can adversely influence your productivity as well if you struggle to manage the snowballing data. The best solution is to seek support from a qualified virtual assistant. Our VAs can help you in data entry from papers to computer. Besides they arrange and categorize the data to ensure its easy accessibility. Above all in case of conversion needs also, virtual assistants are adept to avail you complete support.

Event planning

Events are colorful and it’s recreational and motivational for every business entity associated with it. In fact, many contacts are made and deals are finalized during an event. However, the underlying effort to bring things together and make the event a grand success is something painstaking. It needs planning sequences and managing people, vendors and logistics. If you don’t have the needed staff to execute an event, let us know. Our virtual assistants will be available to help.

Personal Task Assistance

Being completely indulged in business can make you devoid of a healthy social and personal life if you don’t take care of such aspects. Just imagine a dedicated VA arranging your schedules, budget planning for personal expenses and reminding you about personal functions. Life would be more tension-free and comfortable. This is what our people can guarantee you. Also, the virtual assistant services rates of PGBS are quite affordable for all categories.

Market research

Before starting a business, you should carry out an extensive market research to understand the demographics, trends, psychometrics and a lot other factors involved to check the viability of a plan or chances of success for a new product. Similarly, a running business too needs to carry out regular market researches for accessing the acceptance of their services/products and finding new potential markets etc. A skilled and trained virtual assistant will be equipped with all needed tools and techniques to excavate the needed data for you.

Appointment scheduling

Amid busy work schedules, you may miss appointments. This can be quite damaging to the growth of your business. The key actually lies in effectively managing your resources and time while making the most of every opportunity to grab new clients. Appointment scheduling may seem to be a miniature task but considering its relevance, hiring a VA exclusively for that too would not be unwise. Virtual assistants at PGBS schedule appointments, confirm them, send you reminders, chart plans and carry out everything related to the appointment.

Still confused what are the services that you can outsource to professional VA’s then read this

Our staff also help in appointment schedules, call answering, event planners, corporate presentations, research, travel bookings, hotel reservations,screen your e-mail and respond on your behalf, fill out expense reports and track reimbursements,create invoices and post payments in short manage any projects you don’t want to handle. Our real estate VA solutions assist you in the most professional manner. Also read here what it takes to be a VA in real estate.

Our virtual executive assistant services will save you time and money! Outsourcing your non-strategic jobs to our VA services in India helps you to concentrate on your core business development and enjoy following advantages

By outsourcing , you pay assistants only for actual time worked. You are not responsible to pay employee-related taxes, insurance, vacation pay, sick pay, or contribute to retirement plans, workers’ compensation or other benefits. We also help you to save the cost of employing a number of full-timers for different tasks.

Also, the VA in our office eliminates the traditional office paraphernalia like:

  • Equipments
  • Training
  • Office Space
  • Cost of Employee Recruitment

Our VA services in India simply means an extension of your office and solutions. Our target is providing quality support with a personalized approach. The motto at PGBS is  “maximum customer delight”

Outsource VA services to us today to cope up with your business growth and voluminous daily non-core tasks. Hire a virtual personal assistant services in India to increase productivity, save time and ensure effective business management.

Our services rates

We provide VA’s on Full time support or shared basis. We bill by the hour. For more details about our custom pricing structure please contact us