Fashion image industry is huge and the competition here is cut-throat. To excel or at least to sustain, you need to be excellent not just in taking great snaps but making your snaps excellent. This is where you realize how important fashion image editing is. No matter how much skilled photographer you are, editing has to be done for achieving perfection.

photo editing for photographers

There are many fashion photography tips for professionals. But here we bring to you tips for image retouching after the images are captured.

Rule of nine

Pictures can be made to look more professional using this technique. Divide the frame into 9 parts that are equal. Your camera may be having this as in-built feature. Using this, you can place the main subject at the place where these lines intersect to get an interesting and well-balanced image.

Cropping, filling and adjusting

To any photo editor for fashion photography, cropping and filling are the basic techniques used. It avails a regular and finished look to the snaps. But be aware of the aesthetics when you crop-out a section and fill in the voids. Adjusting colours, contrast, sharpness and brightness etc. must be done with utmost care.

No harm in breaking the rules

Rule breaking can sometimes work but to know when and where, you need to be an expert with fashion photo retouching. This will happen only in course of time. Break up the background regularity as well as textures by making available some attitude and a main focal point. Else try something different but be planned and creative.

Above mentioned are just 3 tips and there are a lot more. However the fact is that, you will have to practice editing till you reach a stage where you exactly know the manipulations to be done for getting precise outputs that you anticipate for. 

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