A stunning cover will help you to sell magazine easily. Graphic design companies do their part by placing aesthetically appealing images that increases the curiosity among target audience. Here are some tips to enhance magazine covers.

magazine cover design


One of the basic rules of the field is that you should opt for the same template for all covers. Positioning refers to the layout itself. Barcode, hot topics, brand name and other features must appear regularly and consistently on all pages.

Type and Font

The first thing that prospective customers note is the striking usage of font and typography. Ensure that you use it consistently and wisely. Don’t overuse colors or bold unnecessarily. Provide special highlights to gifts, new or free items that are included with the magazine.

Colors and contrast

While professional magazine cover designs by expert graphic designers largely use red color it is wise to avoid green due to its high contrast. Title, model, and interesting features must be revved up by using contrasts in order to highlight them.



If portraits are used, try to get pictures that draw attention from readers. The same is achieved by using images where the person is looking at the camera. It is the eye contact that makes the difference. Don’t create a hue or vivid mix of colors for background. Most often a simple transparent or solid background for the model will do. It is the model who is emphasized not the background.

Illustrations and drawings

If you don’t have such a professional artist it is wise to stay with stunning vistas and model snaps as illustrations are much harder to be compiled with contrasting texts. Drawings with the photos can create stunning effects if applied properly. This is one of the basic tips for great magazine cover designs.

It is advisable to hire a reputed company offering magazine layout design services to increase the chances of selling your edition. A graphic design company focuses on these simple tricks to improve the leading page looks.

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