The best way to make your presence felt as a promising author is to self-publish through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform. The days when you had to chase publishers for getting a publication schedule is over. You can self-publish books and enjoy the major share of the earnings. Self-publishing can appear daunting at first for first-time authors. But, there is no need to be anxious about details as this amazon self-publishing guide for kindle direct publishing from PGBS would take you through the complete process of publishing a book on Amazon.

Reasons for Choosing Amazon Self-Publishing Option

Book publishing in traditional mode is gradually losing its charm. Conventional publishers only gave importance to acclaimed authors who enjoyed popularity among readers. New writers had to wait long before experiencing any success. However, with the advent of online publishing platforms like Amazon, every author can become visible before audiences and earn good revenues. Amazon is the best platform for self-publishing your book because more than 70% of listed books get sold through the platform. The process of publishing is easy and swift. In the previous year, more than 300 million book sales were registered with revenues of more than $178 billion generated.

Kindle Direct Publishing or KDP

KDP is the self-publishing platform of Amazon. From under one roof, you can manage audiobooks, Kindle ebooks, and paperbacks. Books can be designed from scratch. Before that, you need to set up a KDP account in easy steps. Mere uploading and publishing your book won’t help you register high sales. You need to follow proven ways to launch your book and set the price to trigger consistent passive sales. PGBS would help you in setting a KDP account for optimum sales.

The steps are as follow:

a) Navigate to for completing your registration with email id or Amazon account id

b) Provide the tax information by clicking ‘Update’ in account information section. This step is compulsory for publishing. Click ‘Finish’ and move back to the main page.

Now, you have built your profile. Next, you have to furnish the book details.

Titling and sub-titling the eBook

In the KDP profile, your eBook’s title and sub-title have to be provided. You can skip the subtitle section, but if you fill in a persuasive and intriguing line, your ebook would attract more eyeballs.

For making your eBook title stand out, you need to follow a few steps.

Consider having a book hook which would engage the readers’ attention uniquely and offer relevant information audiences are seeking.

To communicate about the USP (unique selling proposition) of your eBook, you need to wittily present the highlights in the subtitle. The information must not divulge the plot but must pique the curiosity of the readers. The subtitle and title must attract readers by showcasing the book’s value for them. The title has to be simple, original and clearly defined. To avoid unwanted competition, don’t use a title that resembles an ebook performing well.

Description of the eBook

The description must be compelling enough to generate interest among potential readers. This must offer a justification to them for buying your ebook. Whenever making a decision about purchasing, the prospect doesn’t look for an eBook manuscript, instead of s/he takes a fleeting look of the cover, title and description to gain insights into what the eBook has in store for him/ her. The description should be narrated well to make prospects understand about the theme of eBook. The sales pitch must be evident so that readers can be commercially motivated for buying the ebook. Most readers make their final decisions just by glancing through the cover and description of the eBook, hence they are critical elements during the promotional phase.

Properly crafted eBook description can trigger phenomenal sales without any external intervention.  In order to make the description a touchpoint, you need to strategize properly.

  • The first sentence must excite the curiosity of readers
  • Summary of the eBook must not be presented in a bland manner
  • The sales pitch or promotional undertone must be obvious
  • Add the personal touch to the description
  • Empathize with the expectations of readers
  • List out the advantages that would come the way of readers by buying the eBook

Selecting strategic keywords 

Keywords are important for making your eBook title surface in response to relevant organic queries made on Google and Amazon’s search engines. Keywords have to be carefully chosen as Amazon permits usage of maximum seven keywords in an eBook. Keyword is a phrase or sequence of particular words which reflect the theme of your ebook. When a prospect is searching for e-content related to your publishing niche, s/he would type the keyword in the search engine. If your ebook is listed for keywords searched, it would definitely surface in the result causing a sale.

Keywords must be relevant, and can be short or long tailed.  If your ebook is about gardening, then the possible keywords can be “how to start a garden”, “botanical gardens”, “landscaping ideas”, “gardening tools”, “garden ideas” etc.

The aforesaid are common keywords which are typed by prospects in search engines to look for information about gardening niche.

A number of online tools are available which make your search for strategic keywords easier. Prominent among the tools are:

a) KDP Rocket

With this tool, you can compare the Amazon and Google search results. The keyword results from both search engines are listed and the demand for keywords is highlighted through a competitive scorecard of 1-99. This would help you understand which niche keywords are bringing optimum sales.

b) KW Finder

Here also, a competitive ranking is used for analytically presenting the popularity index of niche keywords. Every day, you can research about 5 keywords without paying any fee.

c) Autofill Function of Amazon

The search box of Amazon can be used for seeking out selling keywords. The keyword suggestions provided are powered by history of searches made. This would give you insights into words which experience less competition but are highly popular.

Once you have arrived at a list of probable keywords for the ebook, you can use the tools listed above to measure the popularity, efficacy and competition faced by shortlisted keywords. You must invest quality time for researching about keywords as they would lead to higher search ranking index for your ebook which means it would appear before readers every time a relevant search is made.  PGBS, the leading digital conversion company, would help you in finding popular and selling keywords.

Choosing appropriate publishing categories

On Amazon, you would come across a large number of ebook publishing categories and corresponding sub-categories. You need to seek out the categories where competition is less and sale proportion is high. This would lead your ebook to be listed as the bestseller for those categories. The category must aptly reflect the theme of your ebook. A good idea is to go through the rankings of best 3 books listed on the opening page of each category. The sales ranking on Amazon gives an idea about the selling ratio of the ebook when pitted against niche competitors. If the rankings of top ebooks in a given category fall within the range of 2000 or lesser, it is an indication that the ebooks are being purchased more for that specific category. In order to be shielded from the competition yet stand tall among niche ebooks, you must choose categories where the ranking of the ebooks is in the range of 10000-30000. If you command the respect of readers and have many downloads registered for your previously published ebook, you can aim for high ranking categories. PGBS, the leading ebook conversion services provider, would help you in choosing the strategically important categories.

Manuscript Uploading

Before uploading the manuscript, you need to save it in a format that Kindle supports. Once you are done with ebook conversion, you can go about uploading the ebook.

  • Navigate to ‘Your Bookshelf’ in KDP account
  • Look for ‘Kindle eBook Actions’ button just beside your eBook title and click on it
  • Next, click on ‘Edit eBook Content’ and then on ‘Upload eBook manuscript
  • The manuscript in your computer can now be uploaded

A confirmation message would be flashed signifying completion of the upload process. The manuscript can be previewed for error detection. There is no limit on the number of times the manuscript can be uploaded and a newer version would supersede the older one.

The ‘look inside’ feature in Amazon can be used for checking the eBook’s appearance upon publishing. Appearance needs to be attractive and properly formatted as prospects would click on this to check out the eBook. PGBS can help you out with the proper formatting of interactive ebooks and fixed-layout ebooks.

Book Cover creation

Your eBook cover must be perfect as readers would judge the eBook by its frontal appearance. Poor book cover can distract and deter readers. The cover must convey a good impression in the first instance itself. It must be professional and unique from other ebooks in your listing category or niche. Seeking the services of acclaimed graphic designers is a must if you want a professional cover design to sell for your ebook. A small investment would bring you recurring revenues. Before proceeding, you must research about the ebook covers that work best for your publishing genre. If you like to create a professional ebook cover design read these tips before you start.

Ebook Price Setting

An ebook priced in the range of $2.99 – $9.99 fetches optimum sales. But, the final price is at your sole discretion. The country of sale would determine the royalty payment you would get from Amazon. You can get better insights into royalty here

You can also opt for a clever strategy. Set your eBook’s price at $2.99 and then go on increasing it by a set amount every week. Somewhere down the line, you would experience a decline in sales. This price threshold would be the ideal price where you would harvest assured profits. To gain a competitive edge over other ebooks in your genre, you may follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Check out the prices quoted by competitors
  • Compare your ebook’s price with them
  • Ascertain your profitability quotient if you quote a higher price
  • Determine the attention commanded by your ebook
  • If you are a high selling author, you can quote the higher price
  • If you are struggling to get a foothold, quote lesser to inspire readers to make purchases
  • Set the price depending on the number of pages in your ebook
  • Price should be commensurate with the content size in ebook
  • Go through the reviews to assess the acceptance of your work
  • If your ebook is well received, proof being 1000+ reviews, charge higher
  • If reviews are not satisfactory, wait for the tide to turn in your favor
  • Connect with top reviewers on Amazon to get their candid feedbacks
  • Motivate your social media fans to go through excerpts and comment
  • Ask for feedback from your launching team
  • Create a personal emailing list and seek honest reviews from acquaintances

The outcomes of the above exercise would help you set a price that would give you good returns in the long run.

PGBS is your trusted partner when it comes to self-publishing your ebook on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform. Our team of experienced professionals would guide you on every step to create a robust publishing strategy that would promise optimum sales. You can get your KDP account set up in a few easy steps. We will ensure that you follow the proven strategies only so that optimization of available time and resources can be pulled off for guaranteeing recurrent revenues. We can also help you with content creation, manuscript editing, title, and subtitle drafting, description writing, price setting, researching about keywords, choosing the publishing category, measuring competition, and self-publishing the eBook in a hassle-free manner. PGBS also helps you with the tedious process of writing your manuscript and aligning content’s formatting based on fixed layout or interactive ebooks type that you may prefer. PGBS would offer you complete and comprehensive services needed to establish you as an acclaimed author on the Amazon platform. Reach out to us now!!