About the client

PGBS was approached by a healthcare BPO company operating from Australia with the requirement of improving the quality and efficiency of their BPO processes. The company was concerned that, despite the millions of customers they support every month, the satisfaction levels of the customers were dwindling down. The monthly average CSAT the client was able to attain in spite of their best efforts was middling at 46%. As the customers were a large part of the services delivered in the industry, the company was really in distress as their satisfaction levels were unacceptably low. At the project, PGBS was required to identify the issues causing such lower CSAT levels and provide the company with a custom and befitting BPO solution to improve the overall performance of the business.

healthcare bpo case study

The requirements of the client

Even from the beginning of the project, BPO team at PGBS was determined to understand the issue comprehensively and find the root cause of the problem. The detailed analyses we carried out helped us understand the flaws in the overall BPO process of the business affecting the entire customer satisfaction levels.

The client communicated their following requirements;

  • We identified the cultural and linguistic disparity between the personnel of the BPO and the customers. Most of the customers of the client were native English speakers and the BPO agents were not native English speakers.
  • The client required to align their BPO support team as per the standard processes established for the smooth functioning of the BPO. The team also needed to be trained in effectively managing the BPO platform for maximum efficiency.
  • After discharge, the turnaround time of the BPO was a concerning eight days and that affected the customer satisfaction even though their issues were addressed.
  • The support team only worked five days a week from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM, which let the customers aghast when they had to contact the customer service at other times.
  • As the customers wanted to know if they were talking to native Australian agents, they would ask their names.
  • The contact numbers of the patients were not often given by the clients.
  • The customer reach of the company stood at an exceptionally low percentage of 1.78.

The solution we came up with

Once we have understood the major concerns that boggled the client, we leveraged the experience and expertise of our best BPO team to envisage an impeccable BPO plan for the business. In order to ensure that the BPO’s performance has been improved as per the requirements of the clients, we came up with the following solutions;

We re-scheduled of service deliverance: We strategically improved the customer support time by 4 hours a day and rescheduled the support line to be active from 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM. We have also increased the number of shifts to ensure that the agents are able to meet the increasing call volumes at times.

We hired native BPO Agents: To make sure that the customers feel more connected and relaxed with the agents, we hired native BPO agents. This way we were not only able to improve the efficiency of the customers’ contacts with the center but also reduce the cultural gap between the agents and the callers.

We improved the infrastructure: We have supported the clients with cutting-edge, efficient and robust technological platforms to ensure that the clients always got the benefit of the best BPO management services available in the market.

We brought value-adding service supports: In addition to the above, we have also offered the client with the following service supports as well;

  • As per the call volume, the service was extended to run round-the-clock.
  • The infrastructure of offering multichannel systems support to the client was examined and errors were rectified periodically.
  • The agents were given names that match the country of the caller.
  • The agents were given handouts to improve their process knowledge
  • The BPO processes were improved continuously in the light of various Six Sigma and Lean guidelines.

The results we were able to achieve

The relentless efforts of our team to ensure that the client is able to offer maximum and optimal healthcare customer support to their customers were able to produce the following results.

  • The level of satisfaction of the customers rose from the low 46% to an excellent 88-91%.
  • We were able to improve the turnaround time for the customers by more than 37%.

These two most important aspects of the services we delivered to the clients made the biggest and most obvious impact on the customers. This also helped reinvigorate the client’s business effectively. Our attention to details, professionalism and the commitment to meet the project deliverables of the client were appreciated by the client.

At the end of one of the best BPO projects we have acquired, we were given with an extremely satisfied client who continued to associate with us in the long-term.

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