While handling customer service, there are so many aspects to which one has to give enough consideration. Of them, the language and communication skills play very vital roles. However, when faced with call center language barrier it is not only difficult but also challenging so as not to hamper the business or workflow. Things like conversing with customers in their native language, keeping up the authentic accent, limitations in vocabulary and differences in language usage; everything will amount to language barriers. So how does one ease out the creases in such cases, is something which is thought-provoking.

For overcoming language barriers in customer service, there must be first of all an open-minded approach and a positive outlook before one gets down to deal with the actual issue. It is pointless to lose composure and be impatient while you have issues to understand or communicate, even while handling the simplest form of conversations. At this moment, attitude matters the most and it forms as a setting for an interaction.  With our guidelines here, you can not only convey your message effectively but also know your customer’s requirements in a better manner.

Keep it simple

You need to go to the grassroots level when you feel a sense of language barrier. In such cases, it is a very good idea to choose simple and short sentences while conversing with a customer. It is more advisable to break long sentences to make it much easier to communicate – smaller the better. Still, if you have issues while dealing with language barriers, it is best to avoid cross-selling strategies or something which makes it hard to communicate.

Get equipped with enough information

Occasionally, one can come across a highly demanding customer or someone who has problems in putting things across clearly. For such kind of people, no matter how patient or keen listener you are, there will be always an issue at hand. In such a situation, it is good to let your customer know that you are finding it hard to understand him, try to grab the maximum information you can and request an option to catch up with the conversation later for the sake of gaining remaining information. Opting for a non-verbal choice of communication for customer service is more feasible at a time where you have the problem with the accent.

Slow and steady wins the talk!

Take things one at a time and in a steady manner. When faced with language barriers in course of the customer service, one should have an objective in their communication. Mumbling won’t help nor pushing any kind of marketing gimmick. Just imagine that you attempting to use a voice recognition application and so speak slowly in a clear way. On a serious note, your aim must be to interact with the customer in a clearer manner.

Resist from using culture-specific expressions or jargons

There would be different kinds of customers coming in. So you have to do your best from using any technical terms or industry jargon while dealing with the language barrier in customer service. Some customers may be not aware of certain culture-specific expressions and would fail to understand the same if you use them while communicating with such people. By doing so, you will only deepen the problem.

Choose the visual mode of communication

Try as much as you can; there will be situations where it is hardly possible to convey things to the customer and vice versa. So at the time when words don’t work, take help from action, images or figures. Opting for such means of communication will be highly beneficial. Visual signs help to bring everyone on a common platform and this act doesn’t end up in complicating things.

Opt for translation service

Seek help from an experienced translator if you are employed at a foreign organization. Translating all the crucial documents of one’s company into the native language of its branches is quite essential. But ensure the credibility of the company offering multilingual customer services for non-English speakers before hiring one. These days, there are good numbers of free language translation websites for changing the language of contents to another language. Such sites cannot be vouched in matters to dialects and also, it may fail to consider the multiple usages which exist in various cultures.

One should always go for reliable interpreters – whether you have hired one or have in-house bilingual employees. This is important to avoid any kind of misinformation or miscommunication while having a language barrier.

Respect for all

One can understand how frustrating it is while dealing with the language barrier. It demands utmost care, understanding, and patience. Whether it is you or your colleagues, whenever there is a language issue, make sure not to raise voice or be too vocal. Instead be loud and forceful, talk slowly and clearly. Always remember – when someone is making efforts to cross a language barrier, it doesn’t mean that they lack intelligence or fail to understand what you are saying. It is better to keep speaking in clear English while trying to find a common platform which will make the opposite person to show some efforts to understand properly.

Concluding Note

Although language barrier can be defying, dealing with customers from various backgrounds and cultures is highly motivating, instigates creativity and can be rewarding. Keep up a holistic environ within your organization, by not making language barrier in multi-channel communication a serious issue. All you have to do is put in some extra efforts.

Hope the details about language barrier problems and solutions have given you the needful insights. If this blog has helped you, then we would be glad to know how!