Q1: What instructions should be provided by me for the restoration of photos?

Clients need to provide us with the exact details about what they want to be restored in their images. As the restoration artists at PGBS are highly experienced, they have a complete understanding of all the processes involved. They can perfectly repair poor or damaged images. In case you have any specifications regarding the old photo repair, simply convey it to us. These may include removal of blemishes, frame border or a request to change or add blonde hair etc.

Q2: Can I upload any type of digital file for restoration?

We accept multiple input formats, however prefer jpeg format images to be uploaded and their size has to be less than 20 MB. It may not be possible to convert a completely blurred image into one with sharp features. Please try to send pictures clear enough to enable us restore the same. In case any file cannot be restored, you will be informed during the process of quoting. You will not have to pay anything for those images.

Q3: How much time do you take to generate the quote?

You will get the quote within one to two business days after the images are sent to us.

Q4: How much time do you need to restore the images?

After the approval of the quote by our customers, we take a maximum of a week’s time to restore the images. It can be done within a couple of days as well, depending on the number of images.

Q5: What is the process of getting back the restored images?

The restored images can be downloaded instantly via FTP or online links provided. You will receive a notification from us via email when the restoration process is over, so that you can review the same.

Q6: What are your charges?

You need not worry about the charges; our photo restoration services prices are affordable and really genuine. Before making any payment, you will have the opportunity of going through the quote, review and accept it. To get an overview of the cost of restoring old photos, you can simply check with our sales team. However, no hidden charges are there, the charges are based on the overall time taken to restore the image.

Q7: Is it possible for you to restore photos and send them back on CDs and DVDs?

Yes, we are offering this facility as a part of our picture restoration services. However, we recommend secure modes for file transfer.

Q8: Will you keeping the restored images forever?

No. The images will be removed from our servers ten days after you have downloaded the same.

Q9: Is it possible for you to restore black and white images?

Yes, our artists can restore black and white images. You can also bank on us for restoring sepia images.

Q10: Can torn images be restored?

Sure. However, it is necessary to get the image in an intact form as much as possible. In order to get an idea about restoration of torn photos, you can have a look at our restoration gallery. You will find the specimens of torn images that have been restored.

Q11: What is the process of uploading images to be restored?

You can upload files to us through our FTP or any other online file transfer channels like wetransfer etc…

Q12: Are your photo restoring artists qualified enough?

All our restoration artists are seasoned professionals and have specialized training in restoring tools, color concepts, techniques for image enhancements, grain reduction, clipping/highlight management and calibration routines. The artists here have gone through our stringent screening processes and we make sure that only the right people are entrusted the task.

Q13: What tools will your artists use while restoring the images?

We use Adobe Photoshop to restore your images. For assuring outstanding digital photo restoration services, our experts leverage the potential of several other software programs as well.

Q14: What color profiles are used by you?

sRGB is used by us by default.