Cropping of an object out from an image is not that easy; it’s in fact a tricky task. However with Clipping Magic, you can get the things done in few seconds. You simply have to fill in the object on foreground with one colour and the object in background with another colour. The app will do the job for you after that.

image clipping tips

On dragging and dropping the image on the site, you will find a green box with which foreground image can be painted. There will also be a red box and you can paint the background using this. There is also an option which helps you to see the live preview of the image while you work with this tool. After finishing the work, just download the final product.

Companies offering photo clipping services use this amazing tool for working with logos, photos and screenshots. Earlier, it was possible to enjoy the services of this tool free of cost but now it is a paid service. Though the software is more improved now, if cost leaves you with a frown face, below alternative software may please you.


This tool really shows huge resemblance to Clipping Magic. It may not be that user-friendly but you will find it effective.

Towards the page top, on the right most end of tabs menu, you will find a Geek Tab which you have to click. Following that, Smart Cut Out button should be clicked. You can proceed further by scrutinizing the tutorial. You should not forget switching between original and the processed view; only original view can be edited.

Other important sources on which you can rely for getting quality image clipping services are Online Image Editor tool and the website named Remove Background From Image.

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