Pro Global Business Solutions presents itself as one of the most professional Indian based outsourcing companies providing custom brochure design services. Brochures offer complete information about the company in an interesting manner. They are easily adaptable to different forms, be it hard copy, PDF, PowerPoint presentation or any other.

Brochure Designing Services

Custom Brochure Design Services

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Brochure design services in India

With the popularity of design services in India rising, companies are increasingly outsourcing their requirements to India in this regard so as to make a great impression on the minds of their customers. It is the responsibility of companies to paint a good image via the medium of the advertisement materials.

However, instead of going for cheap services always opt for the best by outsourcing to a proven brochure design company in India. When the advertisement materials are innovative and informative, they become one of the best marketing tools for the company. The best thing about such advertisement materials is that they can be used by any company, irrespective of their background, be it industrial, museum, non-profit organization, school and others.

Professional brochure design services from PGBS

Since inception, PGBS has been offering professional and creative graphic services that help companies appeal to their target segment in a highly convincing manner. Our talented team offers counseling and advice to clients to help them with best designs that can be offered at the fastest turnaround time.

Our experts consult the clients outsourcing to us to understand their expectations, get inputs, ideas and discuss the concept. We help the clients put the intended message in the advertising material in an impressive manner. It is a right mix of art, content, concept and of course technology. Our experienced personnel make the best advertising materials that convince target audience for the clients who outsource to us.

Brochures- single or multi fold is the first step of rapport building with the clients. It has to be precise yet convincing enough about the quality of products or services offered. Experienced professionals here in our outsourcing office including creative writers, visualizers and graphic experts work collectively to make the advertisement material. The ideas of professionals aim to connect with readers and creating a strong impact on them.

Types of brochure design we provide:

  • Bi-fold
  • Tri-fold
  • Multi-page bi-folds
  • Gate-fold
  • Double gate-fold
  • Accordion-fold
  • Cross-fold
  • Roll-fold


Benefits of outsourcing to us

We use unique designing concepts instead of using templates. Our brochure design cost per page is minimal and we offer provide customized price lists for 4 pages, 8 pages, 12 pages, 16 pages, 20 pages etc. We make use of cutting edge software tools and techniques to craft a customized brochure that appeals to all the segments of the target audience. We balance the designing with the content. We are glad that clients always prefer our custom designing services and continue to outsource their requirements to our office.


Avail our brochure design services that are impeccably customized and conceived to deliver visually engaging and irresistible design elements that can match the characteristic uniqueness of your brand like never before.