Just like all other aspects of life, the digital revolution has taken on the world of publishing also. People across the globe face the challenge of bringing out the books on time and Pro Global Business Solutions completely understands the importance of having the books published as per its client’s business requirement.

E Publishing Services india

E Publishing Services in India

Pro Global Business Solutions understands the busy lifestyles of authors thereby, providing you epublishing services as a profitable alternative. Pro Global Business Solutions is one of the leading e-publishing service providing companies which empower all authors with most effective digital processes.

Pro Global Business Solutions,among leading epublishing companies in India imparts digital solutions to your company serving the following advantages

  • Significantly low cost
  • Speedy publication is possible
  • Capability of handling large volumes of work in quick turn around time
  • Providing round-the-clock services
  • Quality assurance

We provide e publishing solutions which produces output in a variety of formats, including online, on the disk or CD-ROM as a file that can be downloaded or transmitted via e-mail or as a file that that can be downloaded to a hand-held electronic reader or a similar device.

Our digitization provisions implement efficient production processes, automating workflows and enhancement in systems. We are among companies who have worldwide reputation for high quality and personal assistance and we take utmost care to ensure prompt customer support.

Using the latest technologies we provide e-publishing services like


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Trying to make a mark on the ever-expanding ePublishing universe? Let the experts take care of all your ePublishing requirements with the help of the versatility, experience and skills to understand and intelligently respond to all levels of complex ePublishing requirements through well-thought ePublishing services in India.