PGBS has always been in the vanguard of providing first-class fashion photo retouching services. The company offers all inclusive services ranging from mild tweaking in image properties to higher level of fashion photo editing services as per the customer demands.

high end fashion retouching

High end fashion retouching

You may be a smart photographer with advanced feature-rich cameras but when it comes to the images snapped, imperfections definitely intrude in. Many times, you may even fail to get the right angle for taking the snap perfectly with appropriate lighting. So, professional assistance for image corrections is unavoidable for every fashion photographer. Get our photo retouching services for photographers and keep aside you anxieties in this regard. We know how to come up with marvellous results that can excite your clients.

Glamour photo retouching or beauty retouching at PGBS

If you are a model looking for some fashion expeditions, you know very well know how much important it is to have a great portfolio. Fashion industry is solely about how you look but more important is how you present yourself. Before you reach for an interview or a project, it’s your photo that speaks to prospects. It should impress and make them consider you over others. Forwarding pictures with wrinkles and marks can be the worst thing.

In fact, your actual beauty is worthless without being complemented by beauty retouching services. Associate with us and equip yourself with enhanced snaps that you can use confidently for social media websites and for all commercial purposes. Our experts add more depth and realism to your pictures and they remove various imperfections that even you may have left unnoticed. Whether you are just having your baby steps or an established identity, image editing and enhancement is really imperative for you.

Our high-end photo retouching services can also be of great help for website designers, publishing houses, branding companies and advertisement agencies etc.

PGBS fashion photo retouching services inclusion

At our fashion photo editing hub, you get a wide range of services. There is nothing that we can’t do when it is about enhancing and embellishing. Some of our main offerings are

  • Adjusting lights and shades.
  • Removal of red-eye and stray hair.
  • Sharpening of eyes, correction of lips and softening of eye bags.
  • Contrast, color, saturation and brightness correction.
  • Enhancing different skin features.
  • Background removal, addition or editing – Hair Masking.
  • Blemishes, wrinkles, spots and moles removal.
  • Whitening teeth and body shaping.

Benefits you enjoy on associating with us

We are a reputed fashion photo editing company with years of experience in the niche. Our company has a team of qualified, trained and skilled professionals who know to optimally utilize all advanced tools and technologies to guarantee you flawless attractive and manipulative images within shortest turnaround time at affordable prices.

Client testimonials

“Thank you PGBS for your best quality work and your patience. Our company needed to complete a certain project within a short time period. They delivered us the work on time even with short notice. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs to outsource their editing requirements.”
Manager, Ad Agency, Canada

Our photo editing services have built the future of many aspiring models and fashion photographers. 

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