Projects can be seamlessly represented through PowerPoint. It is an easy and powerful tool for presenting various topics. With palatable visuals, it can engage attention of the viewers. From visual impact to collaboration, effective PowerPoint presentations have a number of positive attributes.

Speaking of visual impact, you can make your presentation inviting through the use of multimedia. It improves the focus of the audience. Images, video and audio can be used on this platform to enhance the overall experience of the audience. PowerPoint also enables people to work in a collaborative manner, especially when they are doing teamwork. It enables multiple people to contribute to the presentation. It also provides facilities to leave notes for other team members. Apart from these, one can also comment if necessary and it will result in better clarification.

Sharing of content becomes easy when you use PowerPoint. People can upload the PowerPoint slides on YouTube with all relevant elements like commentary and translations. It is easy to execute the processes and it eases up the overall process of functioning. The tool is flexible in nature. You can communicate with your audience in a number of flexible ways when you use custom PowerPoint presentations. These slides are customizable and you are free to incorporate the right mix of texts and images in the slides. If you are delivering a lecture, you can opt for a text-heavy PPT, so that the others can take notes. If you are demonstrating something based on visuals in a conversational style, you can use an image-heavy PPT. A combination of the two also works out well.

Certain factors differentiate a good PPT from a dull and uninteresting one. The speech and elements in the presentation should complement each other. Even if the speech is good, a poor quality visual may diminish the effect of the message. Both the content and design of the presentation have to be superb. Here are 11 tips that will help you to craft engaging presentation slides in PowerPoint, enabling you to get the message across in the right way.

1) Do not use the stock template

Start with a clean presentation and never use the stock template. They have already been used in thousands of slides over the years and turn out to be dull and boring. The audience will feel it uninteresting right from the outset. Therefore, you can build the presentation right from the beginning and discard the template that has been provided. It will add life to the visuals. Customizing an already existing template always has limitations.

Dont use stock template

2) Use six of lesser number of lines of text

Visual pleasure is a key to pull people’s attention. You should take necessary care to ensure that the slides are not overloaded with text. They should have substantial breathing space. The audience needs to process the matter through the visuals while you speak. Too much congestion makes readers confused and they may soon lose their interest. It is vital that the speaker and listener are on the same page during the presentation. Even best PowerPoint designs fail when they are overcrowded.

Use lesser text

3) Do not use bullet points

Bullet points do not make a presentation smart. Instead, they add to their complexity. It is easier to remember content presented in slides than to remember a number of bullet points. These bullet points have already been overused, so make sure that you present the information in the form of slides and not in a cluttered-up way with bullet points. This is one of the advanced PowerPoint tips.

no bullet points

4) Incorporate Sans Serif Fonts

Make sure that the legibility of typography is not hampered. Often, people opt for funny or complicated fonts, which reduce the legibility of the message. You can use a creative font in the title of a slide, but avoid using it in the body. Traditional typefaces like Helvetica look clean and tidy. If you incorporate a dark background in the slide, adjust the contrast and use a suitable font colour.

Use sans serif fonts

5) Use right font size

If you are preparing a presentation on a laptop, it might turn out to be different from the final presentation. Thus, font size is an important factor in the slides. Make the font large enough, so that even the people sitting at the back end of the room or hall can easily read them. This is something professional PowerPoint presentation designers never overlook.

use proper font size

6) Use contrasting colours for the background and text

In order to ensure a good visual experience for the audience, you need to use contrasting background and foreground colours. If the background theme shows a lot of colour variation, the text may not be visible in certain areas. Therefore, you need to choose the colours wisely. If the text is not legible in certain areas, you can incorporate a stylish colour-bar behind the image to enhance the degree of legibility.

use contrast bg color

7) Do not go for more than 5 colour variations

You need to make the presentation harmonious. It should ease up the reading process of the audience, not make it difficult for them to read. Therefore, do not go for complex gradients and textures. Keep the presentation as much simple as possible. The correct use of colours can enhance the looks of the presentation. A website like COLOUR Lovers or a tool like tool like Adobe’s Kuler can help you to pick the right colour combination. Do not use more than five colours in the presentation.

not more than 5 colour

8) Draw attention by using contrasting text colours

You can focus on important areas of the text by using contrasting colours. However, too much colour variations can make it strenuous for the eyes. Make sure that the right colours are used in the text to make it a good reading experience for the readers. Most of the companies offering PowerPoint presentation design services, professionally, consider this with huge reverence.`

contrast text color

9) Usage of Single Image

Images add to the visual appeal of a presentation. However, too many images in a single slide create confusion. It is not a photo album, so use a simple image in a slide that has a good compatibility with the texts.

use single image

10) Enhance emotional appeal by including visuals

Visual elements in your presentation increase the degree of comprehension and retention. They help to yield an emotional response from the audience. Strong visuals can successfully get your message across to the audience and no professional PowerPoint design companies will disagree with this fact.

11) Freeze transitions in the presentation

A number of sophisticated transitions may be available in PowerPoint. However, it is recommended not to use these in the project, as they tend to distract the audience. Freeze the transitions to ensure unhindered lucidity of the message.

These PowerPoint tips and tricks will help you to make seamless presentations in PowerPoint in future. Increase the readability of your message by using the right elements in your presentation. Ensure a pleasurable experience for the audience.

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