The furniture industry has started adopting new and advanced technologies to boost their business due to the increasing competition. 3D rendering is a popular tool getting used widely by industries. It is the process of generating high quality visuals from models. It helps in showing how a product will look after manufacturing. Using CGI technology different types of product models can be created. Photorealistic rendering is used in the development as well as marketing phases.

Superior quality 3D rendering is beneficial, affordable, and versatile compared with conventional methods. It has been a real game-changer for the furniture industry specifically. It is a powerful method of depicting objects by using tools to create images with a high level of detail.

Different ways 3D rendered furniture can be used to increase sales

  1. Three-dimensional models

    The 3D model helps in developing & selling the product even before it’s physically built. Different industries have utilized them for decades in the sales and marketing process. Working with three-dimensional models is a much superior method to traditional photography.

  2. Furniture designing

    Designing is an in-depth process, and numerous factors must be considered. Fixing and realizing the changes required gets easier with 3D visualizations. Rendering allows enhancing the visual appeal of the finished output without actually creating it. Design changes can be implemented with flexibility and lower costs.

  3. Prototyping

    It’s a bit of a tricky task and can be even greater when it comes to furniture. Three-dimensional rendering cuts down the expenses and time spent in prototyping without compromising the quality of the finished product.

  4. Lifestyle & Situational Images

    Situational and lifestyle images can be created with the use of three-dimensional rendering. There is no need to deal with the time, cost and hassle of arranging photo-shoots. Adjusting backgrounds and settings will help give a realistic picture to your customers. The use of different themes can also increase the emotional appeal and result in more sales.

  5. Layouts & three-dimensional rooms

    Connecting with the targeted demographics gets easier with 3D interior rendering services. Fully rendered interiors and layouts help your customers see the actual space directly. The sellers can use these layouts as a major selling point. CG artists can place furniture pieces in apartments or spacious houses with high ceilings, galleries etc. Showcase how the product will look inside your customers’ actual living rooms by 3D interior visualization.

  6. Furniture Close-Up Stills

    Close-up still shots of the furniture are ideal for showing minute details. Creating a lighting set-up and a background with 3D still image rendering is the best way to attract the viewer’s attention. Customers will not have to rely on their imagination to understand which piece suits their room.

  7. Product Spin Views

    Spin views are popular as it shows a complete view of the furniture. When your prospective buyer is looking for the product online, this proves to be excellent marketing material. Give your customers the complete perspective of the product even though they are not seeing it in person.

  8. Content Marketing

    Content marketing is a widely used technique to generate sales and leads. Combining text and images helps in educating your prospects about the product. 3D rendering can demonstrate the product’s qualities that a viewer is reading about.

  9. Social Media

    Social media is the best medium for getting more engagement. 3D renderings will help social media users to understand more about your offerings. Everyone uses furniture, but showing off something visually extraordinary will make you different from your competitors. 3D renderings are appealing and will help boost the performance of your product across different social media platforms and more.

  10. E-commerce Presentation 

    3D rendering for furniture can be used for ecommerce images to create depictions and perspectives. Distributors and retailers get a chance to create plenty of materials to convert their visitors into customers.

  11. CGI Presentations of furniture

    CGI presentations can act as a powerful tool for boosting sales A high-quality presentation with 3D models, still shots, etc., can enhance your furniture’s look and feel. These presentations are amazingly beneficial for marketing and can be used for professional meetings.

  12. Contribution to SEO

    3D rendered images contribute a lot to the SEO. You get an opportunity to add tags, meta descriptions, and other information visible to different search engines. Image rankings get more search engine traffic and act as a valid strategy for the business. While deciding to invest in 3D rendering, take advantage of SEO.

  13. Pre-sales objectives

    In some situations, holding pre-sales on new furniture is necessary. Physical models might be scarce, but with 3D rendering, these gaps can be filled. But relying on traditional photography, you will not be able to do a pre-sale. It would not be possible to get prototypes at the right time. 3D rendered images avoid all the hassle and get you the products you want to pre-sell.

  14. Existing and future varieties

    3D product rendering is based on the concept of showcasing a product that does not physically exist. This method allows us to showcase the existing and future pieces of furniture. Specifically useful when new materials and color options are made available to the customers in the future. Models with different optional functions can also be promoted, and you can start building demand for them with rendering.

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